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Imagine having a relationship where your personality differences make your relationship juicy instead of fighting about them all the time. 

What would it feel like,  even when you are at your craziest, your partner understands why and how to specifically support you according to your personality.

Learn about your relationship connection equation so that you can make your relationship better, stronger, more dynamic.

Identify your personality couple dynamics Session       Investment: $97   Value $247 

  • Each of your unique gifts that you bring to the relationship

  • Your patterns and strengths together

  • Challenges and personality issues of your couple dynamic

  • A short Q & A for specifics


Includes the personality quiz for both of you,  verifying your personality  type, and a 1 hour session

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Many people leave one relationship and jump into another relationship quickly. We do that for a number of different reasons.

We want to leave behind the pain, fall in love again, feel better about ourselves. 

However until you understand why you selected that person, what you were looking for, and how to change your patterns, usually select another person with similar traits each time creating more wounds and insecurities. 

The clients who come to me want to stop that cycle. They say "I need to figure myself out before I can get into another relationship!"

Often they feel confused, frustrated, and powerless.

Learn your personality loving style so that YOU can choose the partner that will make you the happiest.  

Investment: $97   Value $247 

  • What gifts do you bring to relationships

  • Identify the 9 Personality Dating Patterns

  • Recognize patterns that may be sabotaging you

  • A short Q & A for specifics


Includes the personality quiz,  verifying your personality  type, and a 1 hour session