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The reading had with Eileen was great, there was a wealth of information and deciphering so we could clearly figure out what personality type myself and my partner were.  Eileen has a wealth of knowledge and information that she loves sharing.  Her skills and knowledge are helpful for people who really want to have great relationships with their loved ones, and want to be the best version of themselves and take responsibility for who they are and what they bring to the table.  

When using the information that Eileen gives, it is very easy to easy to understand stress points and how to maneuver through some stress in life, and also brings to light some very old patterns that are no longer good for me or my family.

Thank-you for your care Eileen


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                         If you are in any way pondering things that you                                    may have been struggling with in your life, in terms of                          career, communication in relationships, families or                              business partnerships, or are avoiding relationships                            because you find it hard to trust others or  your own judgement, then I strongly recommend you use this special discount to book  a session with Eileen C Head


She is one of the most down to earth, honest and humorous people you will ever meet. Using the Enneagram method she can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses in your personality makeup and really understand where negative patterns are occurring and how to set you on the right track to function as easily as you were meant to. You will also learn to recognize traits in others who will compliment and strengthen you and when to avoid those who are detrimental to your well being. 

Self awareness is the biggest tool you can acquire to turn your life around -Kirstey Jane

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15 Minute Consultation Was Life Changing  


I just completed an amazing telephone consult with Eileen and I am ecstatic to have learned my personality type. I performed the online questionnaire with no conclusive results so Eileen had me also do the paragraph questionnaire and I felt quite confident with Personality Types 3, 5 and 1.


I quickly learned from Eileen, however, that I am likely overthinking the questions or paragraphs because the personality types I came up with did not make much sense as they were too much in contrast to each other. (They made sense to me but, I now understand how I relate to those other traits).  Eileen identified me as a Type 5-Observer and further dialogue and experience-sharing absolutely confirmed this. I am amazed how innate this skill is to her!


I contacted Eileen because I felt the need to reassess who I am and, especially, understand how and why I react to people or situations. I cannot tell you how liberating it is to know who the ‘core’ you is because immediately it gives you a renewed sense of confidence along with past experience or relationship challenges all of a sudden making sense.


The most exciting thing is that this is only the beginning of my self-discovery and I look forward to learning the skills I need to positively interact with other personality types whilst staying true to the core ‘me’. I certainly will be watching the video’s on Eileen’s website, performing research and look forward to soon participating in one of Eileen’s workshops.


Thanks for your time and insights, Eileen; it is not an accident that I learned of you and your business."



I love being able to provide insights and hearing the excitement and the light bulb moments. Even in this short 15 minutes Susan will have an understanding of her true authentic self and a foundation for creating a happier and balanced life going forward. Thank you Susan for sharing your excitement in this  testimonial. 


The Personality Quiz is Free as is a Complimentary 15 Minute Follow Up Session.  www.eileenhead.com

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I am one of those people...more confident and more peaceful...to the CORE! Eileen introduced me to the Enneagram Personality System 5 years ago and I discovered that I am a Type Nine: a PEACEMAKER.


If you're looking to learn more about YOU and those you are in relationship with, the Enneagram is the BEST TOOL out there. And Eileen is the BEST Enneagram Teacher in Calgary! Check out her amazing website.


~ Pam R

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"My son and I visited with Eileen Head for two hours. He had recently discovered The Enneagram and it has changed his life. Eileen's helpful insights and comments were most appreciated as he positively plans the next stages of his life.


Her presentation was excellent and helped us realize that there is a way for all the types to be together and get positive energy for everyone. We look forward to meeting with her again and discussing more about this amazing tool. Thank you so much Eileen for your guidance and caring. You have definitely not seen the last of us!"


~ Sheila D 

Cindy's Testimonial Of Making Sense Of Her Life


When I get a great testimonial like this one from Cindy, it reminds me of my dedication for assisting people with understanding themselves and others.


In a very short period of time you will be able to Make Sense of your life and your relationships with others. Cindy read more

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The Best Valentines Gift Ever – The Gift of Knowledge, Appreciation, and Acceptance


My wife and I are comfortable in our 11-year marriage, but it seems as though we are surrounded by separation and divorce. This made us wonder… if all of our wedding party are now divorced, what could we do to prevent us from spiraling onto the same path.


So for Valentine's Day I gave my wife an insight into us which was the partner profiling tutorial from Eileen Head. 


The partner profiling instructed by Eileen gave Laura and myself great insight into each other’s personalities.


Combined with the “loving styles”, it offers a new perspective so that I can understand the motivations and behaviors of my partner. This insider knowledge of what goes on in my wife’s head (and vice versa) removes the guesswork of figuring things out. 


We immediately started to laugh at our past behaviors and recognize ways to improve the future. Plenty of “Aha” moments when you get this cool insight. Knowing Laura’s and my personality is helping our relationship by watching out for dangers and tips to making each other feel appreciated.


It’s like getting a relationship manual customized for us.


~ Shawn 

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“I have benefited tremendously from Eileen’s coaching. The insights into my particular personality profile now allow me to ‘respond’ to life instead of ‘reacting’. The passion, intelligence and wit she brings to her work creates opportunities for clients to not only change, but transform their relationships. Eileen is a true master in her life’s work.” 


– Gord Espeseth, Business Strategies Consultant,  Vancouver

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My partner and I attended a session with Eileen to explore our personalities and how our strengths and weakness can affect our relationship.  Learning about the Enneagram profiles was a lot of fun as well as informative.  The profiles have given us a new view point on each other’s behaviours and will allow us to better communicate expectations in the future.  We are already having a lot of fun with them, and look forward to further developing our profiles and behaviours in the future. 


- Hala D 

Learn all about the Enneagram and how it can benefit you as a powerful life, love and career relationship tool.

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I have known Eileen for over 30 years. We have been business partners, neighbours and friends.  My experience of her in the early days was she was on edge, very intense and confrontational..


I have watched her transform into an optimistic, peaceful person with a strong sense of self-worth who no matter what the situation has a positive response. 


-Debbie Schaab

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Eileen is an expert in her field. I asked Eileen to speak at my Celebrate Your Brilliance Event and the knowledge and wisdom she shared was truly remarkable. All the women enjoyed learning about the power of the Enneagram and Eileen is living proof that what she teaches works!

 ~ Karen Klassen, Founder of Women Embracing Brilliance

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I connected with Eileen to gain more insight into how my personality helps and hinders my success. In one session I now have a few tools to help me break out of unhelpful patterns. I also have a greater appreciation for the dance of relationships – not that we change who we are to suit others, but that our awareness of others’ can help us to connect. As a facilitator and a consultant those are powerful insights I can use to make a difference.


-Ann Marie Schroder