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Should I Stay Or Should I Go FREE Webinar 

I know what that feels like as I stayed in indecision for years in a 35 year marriage and wished that I had this information to make my decision sooner!


This FREE webinar looks at ways to improve and create a deeper, connected, loving relationship.


OR it can be an assessment of WHERE you are stuck, WHY and HOW to change the situation. You can only do this by taking action! So, start by asking yourself:


  • Has your relationship become flat and disconnected?

  • Do you feel invaluable and invisible?

  • Are you chronically unhappy and powerless to change your relationship?


Maybe you feel…”I love them, but I am not in love with them anymore” and have been unhappy for a long time. Any of these ring true for you? 


What happened to the dreams you had together when you first met and sharing your life? Remember in the beginning when you had so much fun together, you seemed to get along so well and now you fear your personality differences are going to break you apart.

      Join me on this webinar where we will explore these insights:


  • What is the cost of staying stuck in indecision where you are waiting for your partner or life to make the                      decision for you

  • Do you have one foot out the door and have just given up

  • You can get stuck the Divorce Trap, do you know what that is

  • What is that women tend to do in these situations with their friends that is not helpful

  • There is something called the Walkaway Wife Syndrome

  • What do you do when your partner finally wakes up and you are done and they say, "I had no idea you were so         unhappy” when you have tried everything

  • Then there is the brick wall you have built around yourself

       And you will learn much more!

These are all the processes you go through when you are deciding…SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO?


This webinar will give you solutions and specifics to the personality differences in couple dynamics.

Divorce does not solve all your problems. But what are the options? Stay in a loveless marriage?


Join me on this free webinar to get insights for taking action and moving forward no matter what you decide!




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