Singles Guide To Personality Matching~ Eileen Head, Calgary, AB

Singles Guide For

  Personality Matching  

Many of us in past relationships have been hurt, lost confidence in ourselves and have felt overwhelmed with how to find a partner who is a match for you.

Until we heal and release old experiences and energy, we will drag that into our new relationships…and our hearts will be closed and guarded. That is no way to start a new relationship or welcome a new love into your life!

Using scientific data and Personality Pattern Coaching will

  • Give insights into your unique relationship gifts

  • Very specifically show you what you need from a partner and they from you

  • What are your strengths, what are foundational values for you

  • Figure out what happened in your last relationships


Imagine being able to recognize who is compatible with YOU and your values.


Imagine having confidence, not personalizing the “no’s” …and how to make yourself more energetically attractive to others.


Imagine having the confidence in knowing “Who Am I” and very specifically… What YOU Need To Feel Loved.


Dating can be FUN and an Adventure when you recognize and know what each personality brings you.

If you have been dating awhile or just embarking online, it can feel like doing it blindfolded and so confusing.

Personality Pattern Coaching is very specific to type giving you skills and tools to navigate dating and creating healthy relationships right from the start.


  • I get involved with the wrong person and stay with them too long.

  • I scare away partners I’m really interested in because I felt insecure and overcompensated for it

  • I obsess too long over dates I enjoyed but never heard back from

  • I drag out dates I’m not interested in to avoid hurting their feelings

  • I am unclear of what I want in a partner and what boundaries I am setting


Repeated "no's" are very debilitating. Responses and rejections are very hard on our self-esteem. When we internalize these “no’s,” we develop a ‘not good enough’ syndrome that further sabotages our relationships.

Here’s an uncomfortable truth:

The common denominator in all your relationships is YOU!

That means that we must work on ourselves in order to find and attract the perfect partner for us.


If we have questions, hesitations, or even outright refusals to find and celebrate our own true value, we will be unable to form deep and meaningful relationships.

The best place to start realizing our own worth is knowing our personality profile. It will help us:

  • Realize why we’re truly worthy of love and the best way for us to receive it

  • Recognize and relate to other personality types

  • Escape patterns of self-sabotage

  • Identify which personality types are most compatible with ours


Get rid of the confusion and gain clarity of what YOU need in a partner with my Singles Guide For Personality Matching 



Turn your dating experience

                From this...

Into an experience like this


Are you looking for the right type? How will you know who is right for  you?

Dating Example: Many are looking for the person with the 3-Achiever personality. They present a successful image with clothes, cars, houses, and travel. Achievers rise to the top of their organizations by focus and determination. Depending on where they are with their career they may put in long hours.  


This is important to understand in the beginning of your relationship. You may be the focus of attention in the dating stage but once the “successful” partner has been chosen, attention may transfer back to accomplishing. This may result in broken promises, missed dinners and dates due to work.


Some personality types like time by themselves and others need a partner who is able to spend lots of time with them. Achievers need a partner who allows them to focus on work as that is where they feel their value is. They feel it is loving to provide the cars, trips, expensive houses, etc.


It depends on your personality combination and compatibility. This is why it is important to understand what each of you feels your value is and how you feel appreciated.

Recognizing the 9 Personalities will make Dating Easier.




Tired of wasting your time with energy sucking dating duds?  Getting your heart broken, and continually picking the wrong type. Having difficulty trusting again?

Relationships start out great, but then don't work out? Why is that? You seem so good together in the beginning and then it gets confusing and you both end up seeming so different and disappointed. 



  • Never waste your time again with the wrong person

  • Putting up with bad behavior

  • Settling with someone who does not value and appreciate you

What would it feel like to know the personality with the traits and values that honors you?

Don't you wish you could have a formula for taking away the confusion

and attracting the partner that fits with you?


The Singles Guide is  53 pages full of information and insights to: 

  • What drives each personality, their value, what they believe, their strengths and challenges

  • How to recognize and relate to them

  • What is attractive about each type

  • Your personality traits that may be Sabotaging Your Possibilities and challenging others

  • Shifting patterns with awareness

  • In a relationship, how a partner can support you and love "all of you" quirks and all

  • How to connect with each personality type on a date

  • Conversation Starters with each personality


This information will:

  • Identify your Relationship Gifts and what is great about you

  • Increase Your Attractiveness & Compatibility knowing your patterns

  • Figure out what happened in past relationships so you don't make the same mis-takes, heal, and trust again

  • Be clearer on what your relationship needs are

  • Which personalities align with YOUR values and beliefs

  • Enhance your confidence and self-esteem

And Most Importantly, ​Which Types Will Make You The Happiest!

Get rid of the confusion and Gain Clarity of what YOU need in a partner...

and how they can be a better partner to YOU!

STOP wasting your time with relationships that Don't Work Out and Download the Guide Now $27 + tax

Already Know Your Personality & Have The Singles Guide


Discover the Compatibility Index

                  for YOU with all 9 personalities!     


You can create compatibility with any two personality types if you understand the similarities and differences between your personalities…and Why That Is.


Appreciating others for their personality traits will make them feel valued...and makes your dating and relationship experience richer.

In this Index, according to surveys and research, you will learn:

  • Which personality your personality most often picks

  • Why you are most compatible with those types

  • From your personality perspective, the positives and challenges of each of the personalities...including your own

This Guide is invaluable!  $29 + tax