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What if you had the skills to deal with a resistant spouse, weird dates, dramatic friends, a bossy boss, crazy co-workers, issues with family, and even an ex-partner?

Life would be so much easier if you had an “Operator’s Manual” to figuring out ALL the people in your relationships?

So many of you get stuck in dysfunctional, flat, and unrewarding relationships staying there because you don’t know what’s wrong or how to make them better.

Relationships are fundamental to our happiness and security. They can also be the biggest distraction in our lives.

With Christmas coming, there is a lot of stress with the busyness within the dynamics of family gatherings.

How would it feel to have the skills to connect, relate to, and solve conflicts easily and with compassion.

What if it was possible to understand yourself and others to the depth of your beings?

Here's an easy way to start recognizing the 9 different personalities by three different categories of personalities:

Heart/Emotional, Head/Mind, Body/Instinct.

Heart/Emotional Types: 2-Supporters, 3-Achievers, and 4-Expressers share their emotions for a need to gain approval and recognition from important others to the extent of forfeiting their own needs. They focus on "not falling apart, moving forward, and pleasing others" which dictates how they live their lives.

Head/Mind Types: 5-Contemplators, 6-Questioners, 7-Optimisters approach relationships through reasoning. They see the world as an invasion or intrusion and perceive life to be a problem that needs to be worked out. Mentally, figuring things out, making sense of life and being right is also important to them

Body/Instinct Types: 8-Asserters, 9-Peace Seekers, 1-Perfecters tend to filter the world through physical sensations and gut instinct. Life seems a struggle and they use personal power or position to win, survive, stay in control and assure their place in the world.

I love when people start reading their personality profile. <3 Their eyes light up and, like me when I read my profile, it was the biggest AHA moment of my life. <3

It was like reading my own biography. It told me about my strengths, liked those, what people valued in me, that is what we are looking for in all our relationships-do you value me, and my challenges. Those stung a little when I read them. Our real power is when we take our challenges and build them into strengths.

I can hardly wait to share this with you,

P. S. Taking the New Relationship Quiz Is Really FUN!

Watch for tomorrow’s posting on Shouldn’t Everyone Think, Feel, Act, and React Like Me?

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