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We can live with someone for a long time and yet not really know them...or what they reallyneed.

Here’s what’s really happens. We think if they pay more attention to us, or stop working so much, spend more time with us, that will fix it. But it doesn’t.

We are looking for them to really get us, understand us, and value us.

We don’t know what that is for ourselves!!!

So you are both blindfolded, unconscious, and unaware of what is really going on.

Not until you learn the Fundamental Core Emotional Need of your personality.

I was married for 35 years and we just became more and more frustrated with each other, our expectations increased, and I was chronically unhappy.

I liked my life, just not my life with my husband. Because we did not know how to fix it, we became more confused and emotionally detached. It clouded our life and I felt unfulfilled. Finally, I just got to the point that where I felt it would be easier divorcing, especially after my boys were leaving.

However, I stayed in indecision for years, and years, and years because I didn’t want to make that life changing decision.

Here’s the thing. We might have been able to fix it if we had understood our personality couple dynamics.

Tonight is a webinar…Should I Stay Or Should I Go.

This webinar is to show you the clarity and possibility of:

  1. How to re-engage your partner and rejuvenate your relationship

  2. Know you are not ready to leave and the options to create a happier life

  3. Re-evaluate if you are ready to leave

Join me tonight on The Should I Stay Or Should I Go FREE Webinar.

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