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Are You Making These Dating Mistakes?

  • Getting involved with the wrong person too fast and stayed with them too long

  • Scared away some really great possibilities because you feel insecure

  • Came on too strong

  • Obsessed way too long over dates you liked but who do not call

  • Dragged out dates because you were afraid of hurting their feelings

  • Being unclear of your what you want in a partner and boundaries

You may not even be aware of your personality patterns that are sabotaging your possibilities. There is a better way!

Knowing the 9 personality types can save you confusion, time, and uncertainty.

You will gain clarity of which personality is a compatible match.


Online dating is currently a way to connect with others. This is an impersonal medium where we share very emotional information expecting an immediate connection. Opinions and decisions are made based on your personal bio or a short conversation over coffee, texting or chatting without actually even getting to know you. There can be so many factors within deciding not to go out on another date such as lack of chemistry, lifestyle, attitudes, timing and dragging along past baggage to name a few.

Repeated "no's" can be very debilitating. Personalizing responses and rejections can be very hard on self-esteem. Personalizing these “no's” are rooted in the "not good enough" syndrome and unknowingly we broadcast this self-belief outwardly and present a victim energy.

The common denominator in all your relationships is YOU!

Most people are looking for someone to bring more positive energy into their lives and someone who really “gets them”. A positive attitude is a huge attraction.

Knowing your personality will give you confidence to pick the match that will make you the happiest

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