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At our last Personality Matching For Singles Event the answers Singles were seeking were:

  • What makes you attractive as a partner

  • How do you recognize other types

  • What is your Personality Partner Style

  • How might you be sabotaging yourself

  • Most compatible with your personality

All of these questions can be answered through understanding the patterns, behaviors and motivations of the 9 Enneagram (any-a-gram) personality types. The types are recognizable through their patterns. To illustrate this I gave them an example of being in the same situation and how the 9 types react differently. They found the possibility of Jim Carey a 7-Adventurer marred to 1-Perfecter Martha Stewart impossible until they saw that with awareness of their personalities these two personality types could love and support each other.

You can create compatibility with any two personality types if you understand the similarities and differences between your personalities…and Why That Is. Appreciating others for their personality traits will make them feel valued.

1-Perfecter – paying attention to the details

2-Supporter – appreciative for their helping and nurturing

3-Impresser- success and accomplishment

4-Dramatizer- emotional depth and authenticity

5-Thinker-logical thinking and brilliance of their minds

6-Questioner-analyzing creating safety and security

7-Adventurer-fun and spontaneity

8-Asserter- directness and knowing what they want

9-Pacifier – easy going and go with the flow

For example and 8-Asserter who has a very strong personality feels compatible with a 9-Pacifist because they are easy to be with, nonjudmental, feels accepted and 9s bring in relationships with others.

The event was a lot of fun. Some comments were:

“I feel better about my personality now, this makes so much sense, I have tried to figure out what has been happening in my relationships, I can recognize some personalities I have dated. It was fun seeing the different perspectives, I am curious to learn more.”

Overall “I want to learn more!”

By the end of the evening someone would make a comment that was personality related and everyone would laugh as it was so relevant.

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