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In observing dating events, I see that most people are looking for lifestyle compatibility…I like to ski, do you or I like to camp, do you? When really compatibility will be with someone who has personality traits that are compatible with you. It is values and beliefs that create compatibility. Respect of your different values can make relationships much richer when you are both aware.

By midlife, you have had many experiences in relationships with different personalities. Relationships have ended and most people are confused: what happened and why? Neither one of you will really understand. It started out great. Without awareness of your own traits you can create pressures and take the relationship out of balance.

For example, you may have been in a relationship with a Perfecter who has high standards and high expectations that certain rules needed to be followed. However a Perfecter who is more aware may have high standards for themselves while understanding a partner's personality needs, making their partner more comfortable and can make the relationship very rewarding.

An Asserter who is direct and likes to be in charge with awareness can bring out their gentler, protector traits. If you have had a partner whose priority is work and there have been many broken dates and agreements because work comes first, you will both understand what the driving motivation is. Then you can work on it together so both your needs are being met.

With awareness of both your personalities, you can come together to create conscious, connected and loving relationships.

Any two personalities can be compatible when you understand your differences and strengths. Some personalities will be easier and some more challenging. Common knowledge creates compatibility.

Would you like to figure out how you might be sabotaging your possibilities and how to recognize a good match for you.

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