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Your Family Of Origin-Answers To Who Am I.

Do you know the personalities of your parents and siblings?

You will find answers to understanding yourself and your families' different personality perspectives.

My Dad was a 9-Peace Seeker quiet, shy, introverted. My Mom was outgoing-a 2-Supporter looking after us. They were simple farm people. All of my siblings are very different from each other.

My oldest brother is a 8-Asserter who used his determination and strong will to become a successful businessman. My 2nd brother is an 7-Optimister who uses his positive attitude and sense of fun to become successful in his career. My 3rd brother is a -Perfecter who used his attention to get things right.

I didn't have any aspirations for higher education or a career. I just wanted to be happily married and have kids. While I had a banking career for awhile, I gave that up to be a stay at home Mom.

The happily every after didn't happen and that wasn't because we were bad people. We married young and did not know how to meet each other's emotional needs. After we divorced I discovered The Enneagram (any-a-gram) personalities and I found answers to what happened and discovering myself.

I also discovered it is from the dynamics of your family of origin that your personality traits and patterns are formed.

I could see where my people-pleasing and helping patterns developed, I wanted to connect and was helpful to do that. Older brothers don't have much time for a younger sister especially when there is so much work to do on a farm.

Understanding the dynamics of any two of us, I can see why we are triggered with each other, our reactions and how we can connect at a deeper level. Stress comes from differences and if we can see and accept those differences, it can dynamically expand our lives.

Now divorced and understanding my Supporter personality, I have written a best selling book and have created a career to "help" others understand themselves and all their relationships. Not bad for having no aspirations. It has led me to my passion and purpose.

Would you like to understand yourself, your family of origin and the dynamics of your own family?

Christmas is coming and this information may be hugely beneficial. to love all of our family...even those ones we find difficult.

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