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Hello Eileen

I just completed an amazing telephone consult with Eileen and I am ecstatic to have learned my personality type. I performed the online questionnaire with no conclusive results so Eileen had me also do the paragraph questionnaire and I felt quite confident with Personality Types 3, 5 and 1.

I quickly learned from Eileen, however, that I am likely overthinking the questions or paragraphs because the personality types I came up with did not make much sense as they were too much in contrast to each other. (They made sense to me but, I now understand how I relate to those other traits). Eileen identified me as a Type 5-Observer and further dialogue and experience-sharing absolutely confirmed this. I am amazed how innate this skill is to her!

I contacted Eileen because I felt the need to reassess who I am and, especially, understand how and why I react to people or situations. I cannot tell you how liberating it is to know who the ‘core’ you is because immediately it gives you a renewed sense of confidence along with past experience or relationship challenges all of a sudden making sense.

The most exciting thing is that this is only the beginning of my self-discovery and I look forward to learning the skills I need to positively interact with other personality types whilst staying true to the core ‘me’. I certainly will be watching the video’s on Eileen’s website, performing research and look forward to soon participating in one of Eileen’s workshops.

Thanks for your time and insights, Eileen; it is not an accident that I learned of you and your business."


I love being able to provide insights and hearing the excitement and the light bulb moments. Even in this short 15 minutes Susan will have an understanding of her true authentic self and a foundation for creating a happier and balanced life going forward. Thank you Susan for sharing your excitement in this testimonial.

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