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Are You Dating A Dramatic?

We've all had those questionable dates. Sometimes dramatic actions can make it look like people are psychos but in reality it usually means that their intentions are misunderstood. Kevin came to me looking for insights into his relationship with Jessica. Things started out so good when they first met, but it now seemed that she didn't even make sense to him. In the beginning she made the relationship like a romantic love story and he enjoyed the focus of attention on him. He's baffled as to why she was becoming more and more needy, moody, dramatic and insecure, "a psycho". So instead of spending time with Jessica, Kevin had started to go out with the guys on Friday nights, and then as things intensified, he would go out on some Saturday nights too. She would regularly phone him four times during the night out. The icing on the cake was the time Jessica showed up with tears in her eyes, mascara running down her face, in her pajamas wanting to know why he doesn't love her. He was mortified in front of his friends and came to me in desperation to figure her out. How do we find these people in the first place? I mean, if we thought they were crazy when we met them, would we actually go out with them at all? Many people have questions regarding dating and are frustrated that they are not finding the person that they are meant to be with. To achieve your dating goals, you first have to understand people's personalities. When Kevin realized that Jessica's need for connection was all that was stopping them from having a wonderful relationship, he decided to give her what she wanted - to reassure her by calling her while he is out. By showing this sensitivity for Jessica, Kevin has strengthened their failing relationship. Would you like help with creating a healthier single life and Choosing Your Personality Match? Learn more

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