Eileen Head Personality Matchmaker & Author

Are You An Emotional Dramatic?

Are you or is your partner a Drama Queen/King showing emotions in the extreme or very quickly. O-M-G! This may appear as “wearing their heart on their sleeve”

It could be that they overreact to situations (not to them but in your perception). They may become emotionally upset because you forgot the anniversary of the day you first met, you don't respond emotionally intense enough, etc.

Dramatics or 4-Individualists are in touch with their feelings, emotional, authentic, sensitive, deeply caring and are aesthetically correct. They are creative and appreciative of beauty in all forms.

As a dramatic, they get value from connecting on an intense emotional level. They like to feel to the core of their being. Outwardly showing happiness, sadness, and anger so you notice is their way of showing love.

We all have traits and quirks and want to be loved and accepted for who we are. How do we turn a quirk into a gift to the relationship? See how ware each different. For more information

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