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Are You An Achiever/Workaholic Personality?

Are you or is your partner a Workaholic working intensely to be successful and sometimes neglecting family and friends?

Achievers are go-getters, fast paced adapting to do whatever is needed to be successful. Without awareness they can be very superficial to elevate their image wearing label clothing, driving the most expensive car they can afford or their credit will allow.

They believe this is what will make them happy until a crisis appears.

Achievers work hard to buy the luxury car or bigger house and to appear successful. There will be many broken promises, missed dinners and even on vacation will be working. In the workplace achievers are very competitive.

They believe that they are doing this for their families and a better lifestyle but really it is for them.

As a workaholic, they believe their value is in succeeding at work to be able to buy nice things. So being late for dinner is their way of showing love.

We all have traits and quirks and want to be loved and accepted for who we are. How do we turn a quirk into a gift to our relationships? See how we each contribute differently.

Would you like help to let go of some of these patterns that are restricting your life and others?

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