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Are You An Intrusive Helper/Meddler Personality?

October 6, 2015


Has anyone ever become angry or annoyed when you are just wanting to help?


Or do you have a partner, family member or work associate who is overly helpful?


It might seem they are interfering, meddling, unaware of boundaries and overly responsible for everything?


They might see reorganizing your closet or garage as helpful while you might feel it is intrusive. At work they are helpful and are very aware of what is going on with everyone. 


For others, relationships are a part of their life...for Helpers relationships are their life. So they can become overly involved in other's lives.  

Is this because they are nosy? No


As a helper, they get their value from being needed. So they figure out ways to get people to need them. They help out anyway they can, whether you want it or not.


So being intrusive is their way of caring and showing love.


We all have traits and quirks and want to be loved and accepted for who we are. How do we turn a quirk into a gift to our relationships? See how we each contribute  differently.


The Enneagram is an ancient body of wisdom that holds the key to unlocking true understanding of the depth of our being and other people, in a kind and compassionate way. It simplifies our lives by helping us understand why we do what we do.



Would you like help to let go of some of these patterns that are restricting your life and others? 


There are live workshops available to give you the skills and tools to create the life you are meant to have.  EVENTS LINK


Coaching Packages also available. COACHING LINK


 If I can assist you in any way, please contact me




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