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Are You A Perfections/Rule Keeper Personality?

Have you been called a Rule Keeper or Perfectionist? Or do you have a partner, family member or work associate who is? Nothing seems to be good enough.

This may come across as being nit-picky.

In a partnership it could be that you never do the dishes properly and they rewash them or reload the dishwasher. In a work situation it might be that they are always ticked off that others don’t show up on time or are not working as hard as they are.

If you don’t meet their high standards they become irritable, prickly or obviously angry.

Why do they do this? Is it just that they want to be difficult? No

As a rule keeper, they see their value and gift as holding a stringent line of right and wrong. They have a high level of being responsible and doing what is right. They believe their high standards will create the perfect relationship, product, report, etc.

Perfectionist/Rule Keepers believe they are making the world a better place.

See how we each believe we are contributing differently. Learning The Enneagram can transform all your relationships.

The Enneagram is an ancient body of wisdom that holds the key to unlocking true understanding of the depth of our being and other people, in a kind and compassionate way. It simplifies our lives by helping us understand why we do what we do.


Would you like help to let go of some of these rules that are restricting your life and others?

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