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Women Are You Chronically Unhappy?


I meet so many middle aged women who are chronically unhappy? You sense a low energy of dissatisfaction from them Many have or had successful careers, raised there children, are married or are single.

They have reached a point in their lives where they are asking themselves "Is this all there is?"

You see couples out for supper and there is very little energy between them. They used to talk about the kids but if they are grown and gone what do you have to talk about now?

The woman are unhappy and the men are bewildered as to what they need. I hear women say all the time...."If he loved me he would know what I want." But the women don't know what they want and need so how can they communicate it to a partner. Or find that happiness within.

I know what that feels like as it used to be me. I searched for answers everywhere and finally when I could not figure out how to make it any better I divorced.

I found out how to be happy and I discovered it in my personality. I discovered what I need to feel loved and appreciated and how to communicate it.

If you are looking for a more joyful and exciting life, understanding yourself through personality will transform your life.

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