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A Car Accident Sole My Personality and Memory Of Who I Was

Colleen Hierath shares her compelling story of searching for her personality after a car accident. Her story validates that we search for ourselves through our personalities.

My life took a dramatic turn when I was hit head on in a car crash at the age of 30 while 9 months pregnant. After surviving death 3 times, coma and life support I woke to discover that my battered destroyed body and health were the least of my problems. My traumatic brain injury left me unable to read, write, remember vocabulary, remember how to walk much less be able to physically walk because of my injuries.

My short term memory was shot and I lost chunks of my long term memory. The worst part was that I couldn’t remember my personality. When I needed me the most, I couldn’t remember me. After 10 year of arduous rebuilding journey, I began to recapture life and discovered how my journey made sense to me and the bigger purpose of life. I was able to shed the Frocks of struggle, exhaustion, overwhelm, warrior and survivor/thriver persona to live a Frockalicious life.

A Frock-alicous life for me is about 1. Living a purpose driven life where I share my story and the lessons I learned along the way; so that others can be inspired to bounce back after struggles to recapture their dreams. It matters to me to do good work.

2. Claiming my lane, stepping into my purpose, being fully engaged and present; bringing my highest self so that I can serve others and help them claim their genius lane. Live by example and encourage others to do the same.

3. Having fun because I am so grateful to be alive. And it is important to share positive energy because energy generates more energy. Happiness generates more happiness. Love generates more love. Coming out the other side and inspiring others to reclaim peace, happiness, love and contribution.

I am able to distinguish the difference from the Colleen of my story and the one I am today. The story is the story. I am not the story. I do not walk into a room leading with my story. I found myself and the memory of my personality by going right back to the start; to the place I grew up to find the pieces I needed to integrate back into my identity. I am now a mosaic of the fun free spirit from my pre-story days; the insightful person because of the story and the journey; and the person who has grown into a healthy, confident, able, energetic, enthusiastic, fun and purpose driven woman.

In a world where too many people live with the sorrow of broken dreams; I found the Frock-alicious life by finding me again and discovering the life I am meant to live

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