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Why Do We Watch Reality TV?

Why do we watch reality TV or weekly shows?

It's because it's entertaining to see what people think and how they respond in different situations. We can observe how they get along or create conflict. Most reality shows choose people who have strong personalities and/or have not figured out how to do life better so they create a lot of drama.

And if you have watched the show for awhile, you already have an idea of how they are going to react to certain situations. You can observe:

  • How they are going to handle difficult situations

  • Personality clashes or compatibility

  • What they do may make no sense to us and may not even make sense to them

  • How they have no idea how to change what they are doing

Even weekly shows have characters that are certain personalities. In the "Big Bang Show" the male characters are 5-Observer personalities who have high IQ's and varying degrees of social skills. It is their quirkiness that makes the show funny. That's also why the show "Friends" was so popular for so long.

It is really quite simple to figure out people.When you recognize the nine patterns, your will recognize the personality and have a better understanding of the person. You can then solve conflicts much easier, relate and connect with them.

The Enneagram (any-a-gram) personalities will help you to figure out people and a give you a sense of control in knowing how to handle situations with spouse, boss, parent, sibling or any relationship more effectively.

Here are some of the comments after the workshops:

-"Oh that is so my mother"

-"Now I know what to do with those Challengers in my life"

-"It is such a relief to know that I don't need to always help"

-"A load has been lifted off my shoulders in not needing to always be perfect"

- "Wow there are millions of people just like me"

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