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Do Skeptics Make Good Partners?

Are you frustrated looking for the right partner?

Do you know the personality that is most compatible for you?

You may think you know the personality you want, but is it the personality that will make you the happiest?

Are you looking for Superman or Superwoman and missing Clark Kent or Lois Lane?

Sometimes dating can be stressful meeting someone for the first time. We might find it difficult to connect and show our true self until we know someone better. And we often do not put our best selves forth. We set expectations to be liked and accepted. We want to be valued and yet fear that others will see our insecurities.

Here’s an example of the Skeptics Personality when meeting someone new. They can appear distrustful, fearful and fidgety. They typically take their time and check you out thoroughly before committing. Skeptics may lack enough self-confidence to make up their own minds often second-guessing themselves. The most insignificant things can make them suspicious, overprotective and distrustful of almost everyone. They send mixed signals keeping you off balance.

As they get to know you better and a trust has been built, Skeptics can be one of the most loyal, supporting, funny and loving partner. They have a strong belief system that reinforces admirable values. Skeptics are usually honest, fair, reliable, hardworking, and all-around solid citizens.

Skeptics use their exceptional intellectual abilities to scan the horizon for potential partners who will share their values and willingness to commit to a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship.

When a trusting relationship has been built and they feel secure, they will be committed and will never leave or abandon you.

If you didn’t know their partner potential, you might miss that and decline them.

Understanding both your personality perspectives creates a dating and relationship experience which is way more fun, interesting and respectful to both people! A person who is confident within themselves and knows their own needs is extremely attractive and exciting.

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