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Kerrie, 58, contacted me with a question of how to deal with siblings under the stressful situation of clearing out the family house. She was having clashes with her two sisters.

One wanted to just load it all up and get rid of it getting the job done as quickly as possible, another wanted everyone to go through it piece by piece sharing emotional memories together and she wanted to organize it, have a plan and everyone "should" agree to a plan. She felt some there needed to be some rules. And nobody wanted to follow her rules!

Needless to say some sibling triggers got pushed. Once she understood her own personality glitches and how her personality pattern way is not necessarily her sisters' personality way, she could relax her stance.

After reading over the her personality 1-Perfectionist profile, she had an AHA moment. "They get so ticked when I get bogged down in the details". With new insights, she felt more empowered to open up to collaborating...and I expect in the process...of reconnecting with her sisters. She is going to ask that they go to my website to see what personality type they each are so that they can understand each other better.

Here is the 1-Perfectionist http://www.eileenhead.com/#!perfectionist1/c818

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