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Here is an example of how we can be in the same situation and yet see it from our own personality perspective.

Each personality admires the tree in bloom and has a different way of looking at the tree. You will recognize people in your life who have these 9 different perspectives.

1- Perfectionist –Feels a little annoyed that the tree wasn’t planted another few inches away from the driveway where it would be perfect. They will be organizing the fastest and most efficient way to pick those apples and do the cleanup when the blossoms drop.

2- Helper –Looks for signs to see if the tree is watered enough, whether it needs nutrients or fertilizer in order to produce the best blooms. They make sure it is well cared for and plan who they will give the jam to which they will make from the apples

3 - Achiever – Will probably have a plan to sell the property in the future in order to upgrade to a bigger and better house. They will look at the tree to see if it enhances the value of the property and is giving a good image the property so that they can reach their goal of selling for the best price.

4 - Individualist – Sees and deeply feels the beauty of the blossoms, the shape of the tree and the uniqueness of each branch like a piece of art. It might inspire them to paint the tree or take a picture of it. They may even imagine the juiciness of the apple as they bite into it.

5 - Observer – Is very logical and will analyze if it averages 8 hours of sunlight and receives 200 liters of water it should produce 45 lb of crab apples. They will research that particular tree as to the best nutrients to give it.

6- Skeptic –Worries that some of the branches may rub against the house or if it might come down in a storm. There was a storm last year and some trees crashed down on houses. They will have a plan in order to act immediately as they are amazing in a crisis.

7- Enthusiast – Sees that the tree needs trimming but decides that would rather do something more fun. They notice blossoms and plans for a fun gathering in the backyard underneath the tree and maybe even be fun to put up a swing.

8- Challenger – Notices how big the tree is getting and is restricting the sunlight in house. They take immediate action, get the chainsaw, chop it down, have it cut up and a new tree planted by the end of the day. Challengers decisively replace it with something else.

9 – Peacemaker Notices that the tree needs trimming because it might damage the house. They will consult and validate all other perspectives of to trim or not and best time to trim. With too much information will find it difficult to make any decision and leave until next year.

This is why you have challenges in your relationships personally, within your families and at work. Whether you are dealing with your siblings, your partner, children, customers, each personality is going to be focused on a different perspective.

Understanding the different perspectives will give you the insights to figure others out and how to respond more effectively. You might not like what others do or how they do, but at least you will understand why they do it. We justify our own perspective and believe everyone should see the same situation the same way.

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