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Testimonial From Priya - To Honor Myself As Well As Be Proud Of Who I Am

Eileen is such a great teacher and facilitator of the Enneagram personality system. I love her enthusiasm and clear communication style. Eileen deeply understands the Enneagram and its essence. Her sharing of her experiences in a meaningful way with the use of analogies, and stories has greatly helped me understand the 9 different personality types. The discussions, videos and questions provided in the workshop have been very engaging, insightful and thought provoking. She also gives us insights and methods by which we can improve our relationships and interactions with the people in our lives with other personality types. This has truly been an enjoyable and life altering experience for me.

“Know thyself and to thine self be true.”— said William Shakespeare. I have always loved this quote and tried to follow it, since I believe this to be a profound and true statement. However, when we come into this world and develop our personalities, we are not equipped with an “operator’s manual” to help us “know ourselves” or “understand ourselves”. And, although I have always been pretty self-aware and heart cantered my whole life, I still found it hard to be myself in a world where far too often you are expected to conform and live up to society’s standards and expectations.

For this reason finding the Enneagram has definitely been life changing for me. The Enneagram is such a powerful dynamic tool to increase self-awareness in the truest sense. In my opinion, it is similar to an “operators manual”(for the human soul/personality). I now can understand all the 9 personality types and myself so much better. This has profoundly helped me be myself, honor myself as well as be proud of who I am in this lifetime.

The other reason Eileen’s Enneagram workshop is so great is because, not only does it provide you with principles for understanding yourself, it also provides you with the tools and practices as well as the resources you need to show up as your best self. And live an empowered life from an empowered place. The material and information I have learned from attending the first two sessions of Eileen’s workshop have been very valuable. They have empowered me and given me the tools and practices that will help me be the best version of myself. Yay! This is pretty exciting!!

I highly recommend Eileen and her Enneagram workshop to anyone looking for more success in their relationships, personal or professional life. Thank You Eileen!! I am so grateful I have the opportunity to attend your workshop and work with you. I love the work that you do!! You are a blessing to so many…. Thank You! Love, Priya

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