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Heart Centered Personality Types

Last night the first class of four of "What's Happening to Me?" we explored the Heart Centered Types 2-Helper, 3-Achiever, 4-Individualist.

There were two... and maybe three... Type 4-Individualists who gave us great insights to understanding their perspective of depth of emotion, sensitivity, creativity, authenticity. We explored their natural gifts as well as the challenges they have with others...and others with them. And most importantly, how to utilize those gifts while letting go of the beliefs which are blocking them from leading a richer, happier life.

As a 2-Helper I was able to give them insights into the Helper perspective and two people in the class have family members who are Helpers. They now have a new understanding of what drives their actions and will be able to create more loving relationships.

We also came to a better understanding of what drives the 3-Achievers and had an example of a relationship between a 3-Achiever and a 4-Individualist and why that relationship did not work out. The person who was an Individualist felt alone and without enough attention to feel loved and valued while the Achiever was always working to achieve.

And wiith new insights might have been able to communicate their needs more effectively to make that relationship work. Ah love how the pieces of the puzzle come together. Going forward this Individualist will have a better understanding of which partner will be more compatible for them.

Another participant attended the class and thought she was a Helper and is seeing the possibilities of maybe being an Individualist. Both are heart Centered and are either the stress or development type for each other. We will check in with her next week as she does some more exploration.

Next week is the Thinking Types of 5-Observer, 6-Skeptic & 7-Enthusiast. Next series starts April 7

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