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Are You Too Sensitive?

I noticed this posting by Michele Edwards Harshenin on Facebook and thought how beautifully articulated it was. Michele certainly presents the perspective of an Enneagram 4-Individualist personality type being able to express herself from deep emotion and claiming her authenticity.

The gift of Individualists is they teach us about being comfortable with deep feelings, be in the moment, be present and to love deeply. That is why they are also called the “Romantic” types.

If you have been called, “too sensitive or emotional” you might also be an Individualist. I contacted her to see if she knew her personality type and invited her to take the Enneagram Quiz. She confirmed that she is an Individualist personality type. Here is her beautiful post.

"Throughout my life I've had people (mainly men) tell me I'm "too sensitive".

I used to take this as a negative comment and try to minimize my sensitivities. But now I know better... I'm not "too" sensitive. I'm perfectly sensitive for who I am.

It's my sensitivity that enables me to love deeply, feel fiercely, live fully, heal intuitively... Because I am sensitive, I can feel another's pain and wrap them in love. Because I am sensitive, I can look at the most wounded of humanity and see only beauty. Because I am sensitive, I know what deep pain feels like and would never inflict it upon another. Because I am sensitive, I can cry and laugh and anger and love with every ounce of my being.

Because I am sensitive, I am who I am."

Truly Michele has come to know and understand who she is at her core. Understanding more about her personality type will enable her to understand the dynamics in all her relationships.

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Being YOU and understanding you is the biggest gift you can give to the liberation of your life.


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