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Best Valentine's Gift Ever

I love the intention of Valentine's Day. A day of appreciating that special someone in your life.... Unfortunately it can also be a day of expectations and pressure. If you're in a relationship, the pressure to plan the perfect night of romance is high.

I just googled Valentine's Day gifts and this post caught my eye. "For desperate men who are procrastination-prone, the clock is ticking gentlemen. These men wish there was some button they could press to jump over Valentines day. Bad news for you, that button is nonexistent and Valentine’s month is here."

Well there is a button that you can push to give the best relationship gift ever. Here is what a client of mine did last year. He invited me over, we poured the wine and...

My wife and I are comfortable in our 11-year marriage, but it seems as though we are surrounded by separation and divorce. This made us wonder… if all of our wedding party are now divorced….what could we do to prevent us from spiraling onto the same path?

So for Valentine's Day I gave my wife an insight into us… the partner profiling tutorial from Eileen Head, Enneagram Personality & Relationship Consultant. The partner profiling gave Laura and myself great insight into each other’s personalities.

Combined with the “loving styles”, it offers a new perspective so that I can understand the motivations and behaviors of my partner. This insider knowledge of what goes on in my wife’s head (and vice versa) removes the guesswork of figuring things out.

We immediately started to laugh at our past behaviors and recognize ways to improve the future. Plenty of “Aha” moments when you get this cool insight. Knowing Laura’s and my personality is helping our relationship by watching out for dangers and tips to making each other feel appreciated.

It’s like getting a relationship manual customized for us. Thank you Eileen.


The gift Shawn gave Laura creates a foundation of truly understanding each other to reduce personalitizations, frustrations, and resentments.

Knowing your "Personality Loving Language Style" opens your perspectives to recognize both your individual gifts to the relationship.

Check out my Packages for Couples and Singles Figure out your "Personality Loving Language" Style.


And if Single, make the day a day of love in celebration of you, your natural gifts, talents and the amazing person you are.

Happy Valentines!


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