Shaping Your Own Destiny

Eileen Head Personality & Relationship Expert

  How do you define Destiny? 

The course of events...or a person’s fate


I am excited to present this workshop!  The concepts that I am sharing are

the best of the best of what I have learned with Jack Canfield’s

(Chicken Soup For The Soul) Self Esteem Facilitating Seminar and the many

personal development courses I have taken.



These learnings have truly enriched the quality of how I live my life.


One of the most important relationships is the one that you have with yourself.


This workshop is an opportunity to create a vision for what you would like to experience in your life. I hope you will join me


  • Are you experiencing life the way you envisioned life would be?

  • Would you like to feel more real and authentic?

  • Are you on path and purpose?


Today is about reflection on your Destiny


Each one of you has a story of what has happened to you.

Are you conscious of all the decisions you made to get you to where you are now?


Do you have a dream and are you stepping into it? 

It is your awareness, beliefs and actions that create your destiny?


Discover the 4 Stages to Your Destiny

A fun day workshop to learn about how these concepts

can shape your life:


          Beliefs - Unconscious programs contaminating your life

          Awareness - Creates a conscious life

          Energy - Turn negative into positive

          Choices - Choose to...Choose not to

          Outcome - You create your outcome

          Creating happiness - is a choice

          Power of your  thoughts 

          Many Law Of Attraction Principles

          And a visualization of your destiny path


An amazing day to discover your passion, purpose and path.


Your destiny is in your own hands to

Create The Life You Are Meant To Have

A Fascinating Day of Discovery

With Enneagram  & Relationship Expert~ Eileen Head


A life Changing Event  $119 + gst  Early Bird March 15 Save $30


Saturday,  March 26, 2016,

Time: 10:00 - 4:30   

Location: TBA


Limited Seating. Don't be disappointed


 Upcoming Dates:  


I was in Eileen’s workshop that was the very first one launched this year by Women Talk.  I am currently caring for an aging parent.  One of the equations really hit home that Eileen shared:


E  (Events) + R (Response) =O (Outcome)


As a caregiver for my mother, I realized on a recent event that had happened, that I was trying to control the situation.  It was my response that was causing my stress.  It is up to me to change my response to what she had chosen to do. T


This is something that I think would be very valuable for all caregivers to understand. - Susanne Heaton

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