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When You Know a Powerful Way to:


  • Figuring out what’s not working in your life & confusing relationships

  • Knowing yourself and understanding others

  • An Operators Manual that empowers you and all of your relationships

  • Discovering the Gifts YOU bring to a relationship & Your Loving Partner Equation 

  • Relationship similarities & how to develop your challenges into compatibility

  • Learning how to clearly and respectfully communicate to your partner...

  • Discovering the "Loving Equations" for your partner, family, friends and co-workers


You will feel confident, compassionate, loving and fascinated with your relationship outcomes.


It starts with YOU.

Learn all about the Enneagram and how it can benefit you as a powerful life, love and career relationship tool.

"I'd much rather know what it is that I am doing so I can change it,  than to continue doing what doesn't work." Roger C.

If you knew how to find the answers to solve a difficult situation with a partner, family, friend or co-worker - your life would be deeply enriched. The Enneagram, an ancient body of wisdom, holds the key to those answers.

Your happiness and well being is directly related to the loving quality of your relationships.  First and most importantly with yourself, then your partners, children, family, friends and professionally. The Enneagram has assisted me with every area of my life and I am so grateful for this knowledge.



As a Single


Knowing your personality assists you with living your best and most rewarding life. When you know yourself well, how to manage your expectations and what makes you happy, you will feel a deep sense of satisfaction. Whether you choose to remain single, to date, or choosing a partner, you will do so from a sense of confidence and knowing.


Knowing the 9 personality dating and relationship styles will help you choose a partner that will make you the happiest. 


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As a Couple


There are many reasons to become a committed couple. It is incredibly reassuring to have a person who loves you deeply and respectfully, no matter what.  Knowing that you have a person who is your soft place to fall and will always “be there” for you offers a solid foundation for love, happiness and a fulfilling life. A primary relationship offers a future together, someone to share your challenges and successes with and a companion as you grow older.


Knowing your own personality type and then your couples loving equation, can ensure the success and rewarding experience of your life together. Unfortunately, when we do not know how to love and validate each other, relationships end.


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In Our Family


Although families are a blessing they can also be very challenging. Family relationships are where we are most emotionally vested. Situations can arise where there are hurt feelings, high expectations and personality perspective differences.


Within your family of origin, there will be triggers of unresolved issues that are opportunities for growth and healing with your parents and siblings. I have seen many relationships healed when one person has learned personalities. Identifying the personalities of your parents can be very healing by understanding them at a deeper level. 


Within your own family as a parent of children, it is important to understand your family equation and each personality type of your partner and children so that you can love and appreciate them individually for who they are.


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In Our Friendships


You may have a wide array of friends for growth, entertainment and support. Most people believe that if you put a lot of effort into the relationship, they will be there for a lifetime.


Friendships come and go depending on your life circumstances. Understanding both your personalities will help you be more present and available, understanding the true person and their behaviors. I believe that each person who comes into your life is

there for a reason, a season or a lifetime.


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In Our Career or Business


Everything you learn about yourself and relationships can be applied to in your professional life. You will have a better understanding of your boss’ and co-worker's personality perspective so you can present yourself more confidently when interacting with them.  


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