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Subject Line: Our Biggest Challenge Is Being In An Unfulfilling Relationship

Sub heading: What If You Had An Operator’s Manual To All Your Relationships


Do you feel misunderstood, confused, and unappreciated in your relationships?

What if you had the skills to deal with a resistant spouse, weird dates, dramatic friends, a bossy boss, crazy co-workers, issues with family, and even an ex-partner?

Don’t you wish you had an “Operators Manual” to understanding yourself, your partner and ALL your relationships?

Discover the 9 Secrets To Happy and Harmonious Relationship!

What is the biggest challenge in our lives?

It is being in a relationship that is unfulfilling or even worse causing conflict or stress. We can feel very powerless when we don’t know how to fix them.

In many cases, neither one of you knows how to resolve the issues…or even what the real issues are because they are personality patterns that you are buried in your subconscious.

If you don’t fix the issues when they are small…they can get blown up resulting in relationship breakups, being fired, stuck in unhappy jobs where people don’t get along, family issues etc.

How many of you find relationships confusing and believe there is no easy way to figure them out?

It doesn’t matter whether it is a boss, partner, siblings, children…they are confusing and need work. Am I right? Why are they reacting that way?  It often makes no sense to us…or us to them.

How many of you are experiencing challenges with one of these relationships right now? This is very stressful especially if you can’t figure them out.

Which  Personality Are You? (Insert Your Opt In Link)   

I did a survey asking three questions about personality differences in their relationships. "What are your greatest challenges, frustrations, and fears". Here were the answers:

The challenges are that you have personality differences.

The frustration is that you don’t know how to resolve them, and you just keep having the same arguments over and over.

The greatest fear is that the differences are going to break you apart. And that is what generally does break couples apart and causes friction at work.

See you don’t marry the same personalities or have had the same life experiences, so you are not going understand why they are reacting that way until you understand their personality makeup…and yours in the dynamic together.

And if you don’t know your personality, you won’t even know that for yourself.

What happens in relationships when we can’t figure it out? We feel unappreciated. And when we feel unappreciated, we feel unloved and that they just don’t “get us”.

We don’t feel accepted for who we are and what we bring to the relationship. It affects our self-esteem, self-confidence and self worth.

And when we cannot resolve it, it gets too painful to stay and we give up. That is when relationships end.

Are you struggling in your relationships personally or professionally? It might be Personality Differences.

Imagine knowing how to resolve your differences and reduce stress in a respectful way in ALL your relationships!  

There are very specific answers to Getting Loved and Appreciated!


Do You Know Your Personality? (Insert Your Opt In Link)    

Your Greeting

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SUBJECT: Do you feel misunderstood, confused, and unappreciated in your relationships

Sub: How To Get Loved and Appreciated In ALL Your Relationships


Do you feel misunderstood, confused, and unappreciated in your relationships?

What if you had the skills to deal with a resistant spouse, weird dates, dramatic friends, a bossy boss, crazy co-workers, issues with family, and even an ex-partner?

Life would be so much easier if you had an “Operator’s Manual” to figuring out ALL the people in your relationships?

So many of you get stuck in dysfunctional, flat, and unrewarding relationships staying there because you don’t know what’s wrong or how to make them better.

Relationships are fundamental to our happiness and security. They can also be the biggest distraction in our lives.

With Christmas coming, there is a lot of stress with the busyness within the dynamics of family gatherings.

How would it feel to have the skills to connect, relate to, and solve conflicts easily and with compassion.

What if it was possible to understand yourself and others to the depth of your beings?


Here's an easy way to start recognizing the 9 different personalities by three different categories of personalities.

Heart/Emotional Types: 2-Supporters, 3-Achievers, and 4-Expressers share their emotions for a need to gain approval and recognition from important others to the extent of forfeiting their own needs. They focus on "not falling apart, moving forward, and pleasing others" which dictates how they live their lives.

Head/Mind Types: 5-Contemplators, 6-Questioners, 7-Optimisters approach relationships through reasoning. They see the world as an invasion or intrusion and perceive life to be a problem that needs to be worked out. Mentally, figuring things out, making sense of life and being right is also important to them.

Body/Instinct Types: 8-Asserters, 9-Peace Seekers, 1-Perfecters tend to filter the world through physical sensations and gut instinct. Life seems a struggle and they use personal power or position to win, survive, stay in control and assure their place in the world.

I love when people start reading their personality profile. Their eyes light up and, like me when I read my profile, it was the biggest AHA moment of my life.

It was like reading my own biography. It told me about my strengths, liked those, what people valued in me, that is what we are looking for in all our relationships-do you value me, and my challenges. Those stung a little when I read them. Our real power is when we take our challenges and build them into strengths.


I can hardly wait to share this with you,

Your greeting,

Your name

P. S.  Taking the New Relationship Quiz Is Really FUN! (Insert Your Link)

Watch for tomorrow’s email on Shouldn’t Everyone Think, Feel, Act, and React Like Me?




EMAIL #2   

SUBJECT: Shouldn’t Everyone Think, Feel, Act, and React Like Me? Maybe not!

Sub: 3 Major Mistakes We Make In Relationships



In my previous email I shared that it is possible to move from a stuck and unrewarding relationship to a connected and respectful relationship.

I told you about the nine personalities have three categories: Heart/Emotion, Head/Mind, Body/Instinct.

I am sure you are already beginning to realize that the nine types operate very differently in the world and from their own perspective. Did you pick your category?

The three major mistakes we make in relationships are:

  • You believe everyone should think, feel, act, and react the same way you do. In couple dynamics, most people even believe if you did this, then that is loving them.

  • Your patterns are natural to you so you find it difficult that others don’t understand you

  • You are unaware of your unconscious personality patterns that may be sabotaging you


Did you know that 2/3 of what couples fight about is personality perspective differences and are irreconcilable...unless you understand your personality couple dynamics? This is the same for all relationships.

We are way more comfortable when we feel the sameness with others. Just think though, what a boring world that would be if there was only one note, one color, one fabric, one type of car.

And statistics show that opposites attract. Why do you think that is? You are looking for someone who has different qualities than you do.

The challenge is that each personality type focuses their attention intently on different values:

1-Perfecters: Follow their rules and to be right

2-Supporters-Life is all about relationships and close connections

3-Achievers-Success and acknowledgement gets you rewards

4-Expressers-The world is richer and juicier expressing deep emotions

5-Contemplators-Living a more logical and simplistic life

6-Questioner-Creating safety and security

7-Optimister-Fun, adventure, spontaneity

8-Asserter-Taking charge to protect and take action

9-Peace Seeker-Avoid conflict at all cost to create harmony


Each of these also has a challenging side when you are in relationship with them whether personally or professionally. And this is where the friction comes in.

What each of us is looking for in our relationships is to be acknowledged for the gifts we bring to the relationship and to be appreciated for our value.

What really feels great is to be able to reduce your stress, get along with everyone much better, and resolve conflict so much easier!

Even if you have a pretty good relationship, aren't there are times when you feel….”Grrrr why do they have to be like that?”

Having an “Operator’s Manual” to Getting Loved and Appreciated makes life so much simpler…and quite frankly at lot more interesting and juicier!



Your greeting,

Your name

P.S Tomorrow’s email will be Will This Program Work For Me?




EMAIL #3  

SUBJECT: Will This Program Work For Me?

Sub: Absolutely



Clients come to me all the time, worn out with the struggles in their relationships. It takes the joy out of life and many get to a point of  feeling: “Is this all there is?”

This isn’t what you signed up for when the relationship started.

What happened to the dreams you had together, sharing your life? Remember in the beginning when you had so much fun together? You seemed to get along so well, had so much in common, and now you fear your differences are going to break you apart.

They are yearning for something more. To get back to that feeling of fun, connection, closeness, ease, compatibility.

I did a survey asking about the frustrations, challenges, and fears of their personality differences in their relationships. Here is what they said:

Frustration: We know we have personality differences and don’t know what to do about them.

Challenges: We don’t know how to solve our personality differences and keep fighting about them repeatedly without resolution.

Fear: Our personality differences might break us apart…and they often do if you are a couple and also cause friction at work and in their other relationships.

Personality conflicts can cause huge stress, disagreements, clashes and can separate families, cause divorces and contaminate corporate cultures. Understanding why we react and do what we do, makes it easier for us to relate to and resolve personality issues for ourselves and with others.

Relationships are very complicated and patterns develop that become unconscious. Many of these are patterns that sabotage what feels loving to each of you in your couple dynamics.

What you need is the Get Love and Appreciated Operator's Manual Program!

I created this 3 Week Online Group Coaching Program that you can take in the comfort of your own home!

​You need this program SO THAT you can:

  • Communicate precisely what you need from each other

  • Feel secure, accepted and understood for All of you

  • Enjoy each other for the traits you fell in love with


When you understand both your personalities, whether personally or professionally, you can resolve conflict, make sense of your reactions, and create connected, loving relationships.

These life skills are priceless!

Imagine being able to be a better partner, family member, parent/child, boss/co-worker. Imagine how your life would change dramatically when your needs are also being met.

Until you become aware of WHAT you are doing...,WHY....and HOW to change it, you will stay stuck...and so do your relationships.

Relationships are not all that mysterious. You just need to an “Operator’s Manual” to understand the 9 personality types to appreciate and love them for who they are.


Your greeting,

Your name


P. S

If you haven't already, you might want to watch this Podcast where I shared how learning your personality can help you figure out all your relationships WATCH THIS VIDEO

In Tomorrow’s email I will share some of my personal story of Why I am so passionate in helping others




EMAIL #4  


Sub: You don’t have to


I want to share with why I am so passionate about this Get Loved Operators Manual Program. I know what it feels like to struggle in a relationship.

I met my husband at sixteen and married at eighteen. I thought we would be married for the rest of our lives. We were good people, same values, morals, goals and yet just couldn’t seem to form that close connection…at least not in a way that I needed.

So, we struggled through life, had careers and kids. Through it all I felt not enough, not good enough, powerless to change the situation, and chronically unhappy. No matter what I suggested I had a resistant spouse.

I searched everywhere for answers. I took self development workshops, read stacks of self help books and devoured marriage manuals. Nothing seemed to help.

Life became very flat, unrewarding and I would see other couples who looked happy and enjoying each other’s company and I would wonder “What’s their secret? Why can’t I figure this out?”

Finally after I had tried everything I knew how to bring us together, I gave up and left the marriage. As I left, I found the Enneagram (any-a-gram) personalities. As I read our two profiles I knew more about myself, my husband and our relationship in a few minutes than in all the thirty-five years together!

I immediately began to take my certification as I was elated. I knew there had to be specific answers somewhere! After years of research on couple dynamics, here is just a little bit of what I learned about our couple dynamics:

I am a 2-Supporter who focuses on relationships and needs a close connection. I would intensely attempt to engage my husband, especially as time went on. He saw my behavior as intrusive and would withdraw to maintain his identity and independence. I would see that as rejection. His personality is a 9-Peace Seeker and he thought by not speaking up he was avoiding conflict and maintaining harmony. Both of us were unhappy and disillusioned feeling we were giving up what we wanted for each other.

Had we known this very specific information sooner, there might have been a different outcome. However, understanding our family personalities, I helped my sons and even my ex-husband through a peaceful divorce.

Even now years later, we still have family suppers together where he even brings his girlfriend and there is absolutely no tension between any of us. It takes awareness and growth and that is the gift I give my sons.

This is why I am so passionate about teaching these relationship skills so you don’t have to struggle like I did.

I absolutely Guarantee that this information will be life changing if you embrace it and implement it into your life.

You just need an “Operator’s Manual” to Get Love and Appreciated.


Your greeting,

Your name

P. S. In tomorrow's email I will answer some questions about the program







Sub: Join this fun and interactive program


In my first previous emails I shared how you can get loved and appreciated in your relationships, you learned a little about the personalities, how it will work for you, and why I am passionate about about making your life so much easier and happier.

This is a quick online course that is chalk full of information of the 9 Enneagram (any-a-gram) personalities so that you can implement your new insights and skills in the Christmas Season. It will actually make Christmas more fun and entertaining.

I just did a couple dynamics session and as I was explaining the different personalities, the couple was naming...that’s definitely my mom, for sure that is your sister! Now going forward, instead of being frustrated with challenging personalities, they can bring insight and understanding...and can positively change the family dynamics and a new way of getting along.

Learning this system is quick and very effective.

Personalities are just patterns of behavior. When you recognize the pattern, you will understand the personality, and be able to relate to the person.

You can take this course in the comfort of your own home. We are going to have a great positive discussion each week which will be rich with the life experiences with each of you contributing.

Throughout this program you may recognize the personalities of your partner, parents, siblings, boss, co-workers, friends...and even ex-partners. This is usually so much fun as the participants will share stories.

In one instance we had Susan sharing how she was challenged with her mother’s personality, a 2-Supporter, and we had, Sharon, a class participant who is a 2-Supporter personality sharing from her perspective. This actually brought a lot of insight and healing for both of them.

Let me tell you a little about the program.

An Operator’s Manual To Get Loved And Appreciated 3 Week ONLINE COACHING Program

Take away the confusion and frustration!

In this program you will be discovering IN DEPTH information:

  • How to recognize each personalities' patterns and focus of attention

  • Learn the challenges with self and impact on others

  • Communication and Speaking Styles, Body Language

  • Career and Work Styles

  • Relationship Singles Style & Partner Style

  • Path Of Development-Letting go and replacing old patterns that are sabotaging you

  • Personal Growth To Become The Best Version Of Yourself


This is a FOUNDATIONAL course to understanding the Secrets to Getting Along with the 9 Enneagram Personalities

DATES: Tuesdays, November 20 -Dec 4 Online Video Zoom Conferencing

1.5 Hours each night: 6:00 PST,/7:00 MST/8:00 EST

First Tuesday, Nov 20 we will be delving into the Heart/Emotional personalities:  2-Supporters, 3-Achievers, 4-Expressers who are the sensitive, emotional types.

Second Week Tuesday Nov 27 the Head/Thinking personalities: 5-Contemplators, 6-Questioners, 7-Optimisters who figures out a strategy for life.

Week Three -Tuesday Dec 4 we will gain insights into the Body/Instinctual Types: 8-Asserters, 9-Peace Seekers, 1-Perfecters and learn to understand their strategy for life.

You will learn your personality type and how you can grow, get loved and get appreciated.

This offer is closing in JUST A FEW DAYS at this amazing introductory price.


I guarantee this program will expand your awareness of how we can all get along, if we just understand each other's perspectives and what's important.

Your greeting,

Your name

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