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When You Know a Powerful Way to:


  • What's your dating and attraction style

  • Do you sabotage your relationships

  • Learn what will make you happy

  • Recognizing potential partners & compatibility

  • Discovering the Gifts YOU bring to a relationship & Your Loving Partner Equation 

  • An Operators Manual that empowers you and all of your relationships...


You will feel confident, compassionate, loving and fascinated with your relationship outcomes.


It starts with YOU.

Take the revealing and enlightening Enneagram Personality Quiz and discover your type. Then begin a life

filled with loving relationships,  first

with yourself and then your perfect,future partner!

With a Personality Operators Manual,  you can figure out your life much faster! 


Having a "Personality Operator’s Manual" for yourself and understanding the other personality perspectives creates a dating and relationship experience which is way more fun, interesting and respectful to both people!


Are you Single and having trouble finding the right partner? Do you know the personality that is most compatible for you? Are you aware of the gifts you bring to a relationship?


Compatibility has a lot to do with personality. When you understand the personality patterns, you will understand the person and how to relate to them.


You will have more confidence in knowing who you are when meeting new people and dating. And you will have a clearer picture of who will make you the happiest!


If You Are Looking For Superman Or Superwoman, You May Be Missing Clark Kent or Lois Lane.


Sometimes dating can be stressful the first time. We might find it difficult to connect and show our true self until we know someone better. We may miss the Clark Kent’s and Lois Lanes.


Example: 6-Skeptics can appear distrustful, fearful and fidgety when you first meet them. As they get to know you better and a trust has been built, Skeptics can be one of the most loyal, supporting, funny and loving partner. If you didn’t know their partner potential, you might miss that.


Many are looking for the 3-Achiever personality who are career focused. They present a successful image with personal presentation, cars, houses, and travel. Achievers rise to the top of their organizations with focus and determination. Depending on where they are with their career they may need to put in long hours. This may mean missed dates and broken commitments.


An 5-Observer might welcome time alone to read, study or research. An 4-Individualist may feel abandoned by the lack of attention and believe they are not loved. And it may not make a difference one way or the other to a Peacemaker. It all just depends on which personality type you are and what your needs are.


How The Enneagram Can Help You


The Enneagram not only helps you to understand yourself, it gives you a great starting point of understanding each of your Personality Loving Equation Styles so that you can quickly resolve differences and enjoy your identified similarities.


A person who is confident, knows themselves and their own needs is extremely attractive. Someone who has done self growth has broken out of the box of their personality and is less structured...and is a whole lot more fun and exciting.


When you understand the nine personalities, you can understand what happened in your past relationships to heal them. This will release both you and the other person to free your energy and attract a new partner on a higher vibrational level.


Most importantly, you will learn new relationship skills to create the loving relationship you were meant to have.

Mandy'who is an 4-Individualist comments after reading her Personality Operator's Manual "


Do you mean this is what I have been doing to my relationships all these years??? Now I know how my emotions can effect my partner and I know ho manage them more effectively.