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When You Know a Powerful Way to:


  • Figuring out what’s not working in your life & confusing relationships

  • Knowing yourself and understanding others

  • Eliminate the confusion from other's reactions

  • Recognize the identifiable and predictable behaviors.

  • An Operators Manual that empowers you and all of your relationships


You will feel confident, compassionate, loving and fascinated with your relationship outcomes.


It starts with YOU.

Learn all about the Enneagram and how it can benefit you as a powerful life, love and career relationship tool.

Personality and Friends Relationships
Personality and Friends Relationships

What if you knew the way to accepting, loving, understanding and respecting every relationship in your life, even a tough family relationship?


If only you had a Operators Manual,  you could have figured out your life much faster.


Why is it sometimes, what others do make no sense to you and yet makes perfect sense to them?


Isn't it fascinating that we can all live in the same world and yet see it very differently. Have you ever had the experience of talking about an event that happened in your childhood and every one of your siblings has a different version of what happened? How can that be? You have had the same parents and same environment. Each personality has their perception of the event. And isn’t that wonderful.


It took me a lot of years to realize that I can’t change others’ or how they react to me. I can only change myself. In utilizing my skills I have been able to transform difficult situations to a harmonious and peaceful outcome. I am able to do that because I know myself well, can fulfill my own needs and release my expectations for someone to be the way I would like them to be. And you can too! 


Figure Out Yourself...Figure Out Your Relationships....Figure Out Your Life!


Your Family Of Origin Equation:


Understanding all the personality types of parents and children can give you insights, understanding and healing of your childhood and young adult experience. As you grow into adults and more spouses come into the picture, understanding personality types can enrich family dynamics. It will certainly help you to make sense of your interactions.


There still may be triggers and unresolved childhood issues with parents and yout siblings. As long as they choose to hold onto their issues the best thing you can do is to let go of outcome and allow them their own timing and journey. Understanding your two personality types can assist you with a perspective from their point of view. Loving them for the natural gifts of their personality is the best way to love, respect and appreciate them.


Some grown children still struggle with challenging parents. I have had a number of clients who after I have coached them with new Enneagram skills have transformed very difficult relationships with aging parents and received the love and validation they have yearned for all of their life.


Siblings can create growth opportunities for you to see yourself through their eyes and to heal issues from childhood. The origins of our personality were formed in those years and these situations also give us a deeper understanding and compassion for the child you were when you looked for love and value in your family.  


Example: How do you deal with an 8-Challenger Father

A friend, Steve, who is a "6-Skeptic" (as discovered through the Enneagram), was alienated from his father, an  "8-Challenger" father. Don was alienated from his own siblings, and his children Steve and Justin with his forceful behavior.


Learning the Enneagram has transformed their relationship. Instead of Steve now being offended by what his father does, he now finds his Dad and how he acts highly entertaining. The behavior no longer triggers his need to retaliate and he can implement skills to manage his father and his own reactions much more effectively.


Friends Equations:


You seek compatibility with your friends just as you do in all your relationships. Your friends are optional in your lives and are chosen for fun, companionship, support and love.


Example: How do you deal with a Dramatic 4-Individualist

You have a friend who is always engaged in a drama with co-workers, family or friends. They often feel abandoned when people no longer want to be in relationships with them. You attempt to support them by allowing them to share their experiences and emotions with. It does get draining. You too get pulled into the roller coaster of ups and downs. 


4-Individualists are the most  authentic with their feelings. Share with them that their emotions throw others off as they are not comfortable dealing with the intensity. This is why other people pull away from them.

Tell them you love them for their quirky sense of humor, creativeness and romantic view of life. Suggest they will have more successful relationships if they focus more on details and being more grounded.