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Wouldn't you like to know:


  •  What Your relationship needs are

  •  How You feel loved and appreciated

  •  What are Your similarities and differences

  •  Create compatibility 

  •  Support each other without enabling

  •  Connect with each other in a loving, soul connection


 You will feel confident, compassionate,  loving and fascinated with your relationship  outcomes.


 It starts with YOU.

"I'd much rather know what it is that I am doing so I can change it,  than to continue doing what doesn't work." Roger C.

Our differences used to upset me. I expected my husband to be just like me. Since we learned what each other needs and what makes us happy,  it has made doing loving acts easier.  We are having way more fun and our relationship is much richer. -Liz

Divorce is a life changing experience. It can change you for the worst or you can grow through it.  After learning my personality traits and my ex-husbands, I figured out what happened and why. There might have been a different outcome if we had know this sooner. -Eileen

When you know your own Personality Type and your partner's, you literally have an Operator's Manual to create loving, caring, honest communication. 

With a Personality Operators Manual,  you can figure out your life much faster!


The Enneagram identifies the key dynamics that determines how you are able to connect. Each of you has fundatmental emotional needs for your well being. Often we have no idea what those are for ourselves let alone our partner. 


When you understand how each of you feel loved and appreciated, which is personality based, you will then be able to appreciate and respond more lovingly creating compatibility and happiness together. With awareness you can consciously nourish each other to thrive. 


All conflicts are triggered from insensitivity, not being responded to and feeling unfulfilled. Knowing your personality core needs will enable each of you to make sense of each other's world and be able to respond more effectively when tensions and differences emerge. 


Instead of arguing, criticizing, or pulling away from each other, understanding each of your triggers and why makes it possible for you to respond and honor what is so vital to each other. With awareness, you can support each other in your growth without enabling. That is an authentic and empowering relationship


Most importantly, knowing when you are being unreasonable and why with the ability to manage your own emotions and fulfill your own needs will empower you to become your best self.


Example: A 2-Helper/9-Peacemaker Couple


A 2-Helper/9-Peacemaker couple (Sue and Darren) are experiencing difficulties. Both are "other-focused" personalilty types. The Sue/Helper feels her partner is resistant, unresponsive and tries to wring out emotions out of Darren/Peacemaker. Darren feels overwhelmed and fears speaking up will cause conflict. Harmony is critical to his well being. Both have no idea what the other person wants and needs, why the other person is upset nor how to fulfill their own needs.


Sue would like to be more engaged, emotional and connected sharing thoughts and feelings. She feels Darren is resistant and unresponsive. When things are not going well  Helpers focuses more intensely with their giving and become even more frustrated feeling unappreciated for all they do. Helpers help to get their own needs met.


Darren feels overwhelmed with the intensity and needyiness and  that the giving is not what he really wants and will never be able to reciprocate. Darren feels the giving is conditional.  Rather than cause conflict he appears to agree and then later changes his mind causing friction in the relationship.. 


With Enneagram insights they found out they are both the "nice" types who avoid conflict. Sue now understands that harmony is very important to Darren. Sue becomes more patient and engages Darren for his opinion and what he would like to receive.. In return Darren is more appreciative of Sue's giving while sharing feedback on what he wants to receive. They are creating a much closer, loving connection.





If you are considering divorcing, going through a divorce or are divorced ...
We never plan on getting a divorce when we marry. We expect the happy ever after. There is a process of going through grief, loss of the dream, sadness and often anger.
Going through a divorce is a life changing event. It not only affects you but everyone you are in relationship with....children, family, friends and even your career. 
It is really important to understand what happened and why, what's your part and how you can forgive both of you. 
Create a harmonious transition for your children and family.  Heal and release baggage before going into another relationships. It will be much healthier!

“I thought if he loved me he would know

what I needed." ~ Jennifer O.