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Do you sometimes feel Trapped, Stuck, and Powerless In Your Relationship?

The TRUTH is most couples... at  times...feel this way. 

Do You Even Know What You Need To Feel Loved....Most People Don't!


Couples & Singles hire me to intrepret and translate

their personality traits so that they can


  • Do you go to bed at night wondering if your partner really loves you? 
  • Do you often feel misunderstood, insignificant,and wondering why your partner doesn't understand what you need? 
  • Are you sick of having the same old arguments over and over again and feel powerless to change the situation?
  • Do you feel your differences with your partner are going to break you apart?
   If Single:
  • Are you wondering why past relationships didn't work out?
  • The thought of trying to find a partner who is truly compatible with you feels exhausting after having tried so many times?
When you DO understand personality types....
  • You'll become aware of the unconscious patterns that are sabotaging your life and what to do about them
  • You'll know how to feel confident and empowered in communicating your needs and wants
  • You’ll be able to create clear agreements and expectations so you can resolve issues quickly and permanently

  • You’ll gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for yourself...and what makes you valuable and worthy of love

  • You’ll form better and more intimate relationships because you’ll know how to authentically share your emotions                               and ask for what you truly need​


When you understand your partner’s personality type…

  • You’ll know why some things seem so obvious to you and not to your partner

  • You’ll see what matters to your partner, what matters to you, and how to bridge that gap

  • You’ll see the most important thing; how to connect, support, and love each other deeply

The Get Loved The Way You Need   ONLINE VIDEO PROGRAM


Is a simple to use, step by step process that shines a light on WHY you may be struggling to Get Loved The Way You Need.

​And when you’re not feeling Loved The Way You Need, your needs are not being met.  Then you feel frustrated, hurt, lonely, rejected, and disconnected.​




The Bottom Line:  Until YOU understand your own personality, how you feel loved, and how to be a loving partner, you will continue to struggle instead of living a juicer, happier life!

Why will this work when other things haven't?

This program is based on the Enneagram (any-a-gram) personality system which is a well-respected model using scientific research and data since the 1700s. It is used in corporations, therapists, coaches and even religions use it. It has very specific data on the patterns and behaviors. 

It gives very specific information on WHAT is happening, WHY it is happening, and HOW to change the situation...creating solutions and connection.

I am so committed to helping you so you don't have to struggle the way I did
in a 35 year marriage that resulted in Divorce!
That's why I am making this   CRAZY FANTASTIC OFFER OF JUST  $27
to get you started on how to "Get Loved The Way You Need!
This is a Limited Time Offer You Don't Want to Miss!

It would take you Y E A R S...and it collaborate all this information and what is more FUN than learning all about yourself...and your partner in their program too! 


Each of the 9 Personality Programs is packed into 13 short videos that clearly explain for each type:

  • what is great about you

  • what they want us to know about them

  • what others appreciate and value in them

  • how you sabotage relationships with negative patterns

  • specifically what you need from a partner and they from you

  • getting your fundamental emotional needs met

  • responses you are looking for to feel loved and appreciated

  • stepping together to understand and resolve differences

  • becoming the best person you can be....and much more!

This program will give you the foundation for understanding and accepting ALL the parts of yourself, the patterns of your life finally make sense, shows you the way to profound self-acceptance and clarity of purpose, and discovering how to live through positivity and find lasting personal fulfillment.

Each Personality Program includes 2 ½ hours of video content. You’ll also receive a workbook with exercises for each module that you can complete individually, or with your partner.

This online course can be done in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, and from anywhere in the world. The modules are between 5-20 minutes so you can watch them in small segments.


Purchase both Yours and Your Partner's Personality Programs To Find the ANSWERS to Couple Dynamics by understanding the Fundamental Emotional Needs of BOTH YOUR  personalities' similarities and differences to Create Connected and loving Relationships.

Understand Yourself Through Personality


I am offering an Introductory Special for a Limited Time 

for this Life Changing Online Video Program! 


(Free Personality Test Assessment Included)

             .          Understand and accept all the parts of yourself, change old sabotaging patterns, connect better                                             in all your relationships, get loved, and become the best person you can be.    


                          Purchase 1 Personality Limited time C$27 - Reg $97Saving of $70

                         Purchase ALL 9  Personality Limited time C$199 - Reg 873 Saving of $674

  Using this world renowned and well respected model will transform the dynamics of any two Enneagram (any-a-gram)      personalities. You will know how to be seen, heard, valued,  and loved in ALL your relationship

                                                                             What I Loved About the Program!
                                                                                       Dolores Eaton, a successful online entrepreneur shares what she loved about The                                                                                            Get Loved The Way You Need Online Relationship Program.

                                                                                       When you get to your mid 50s you start to look at your life differently and I want to                                                                                              be Loved The Way I Deserve To Be Loved!

-                                                                                      My husband took the program because it was important to it became                                                                                                      important to him. This program has made Russ and I stronger as we get to be who                                                                                            we are now. 


                      *When I watched the first three videos of the Get Loved Online Relationship Program I cried because I had never been                               told what is great about me!
                       I sat my husband down and said, "You need to watch this program with me. This is me!  I need you to understand all of me!”  It helps my husband understand my personality and know why I do the things I do.
I would totally recommend this program to anyone to look within and understand themselves and what they need in their relationship from their partner. ~Melissa
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                                  Eileen Head is The "Relationship Whisperer",  and is a Personality Pattern & Relationship Coach, Speaker, Author, and                                    creator  of the online “Get Loved Get Desired Relationship Program” designed for Singles and Couples to                                                        understand  and  navigate relationship  dynamics. 


                                  After decades of study and research, Eileen offers a truly unique, holistic and specialized approach. 

Eileen inspires couples through coaching to re-engage and get the love they desire through understanding their Personality Pattern Couple Intimacy Dynamics and offering personalized “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” Programs.


For Singles, Eileen transforms past pain and struggle patterns, identifies the unique gifts they bring to a relationship and even which personality is most compatible for them.


Eileen stayed STUCK in indecision in a 35-year marriage, staying way too long. Today she ignites people to take ACTION and to move forward in their lives, confident in their choices and reconnected with themselves and each other at a much deeper level.


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