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Even if it seems impossible right now

Free 9 Paragraph Quiz Reveals How To Get Loved and Appreciated Today And Every Day

In ALL Your Relationships


Couples Greatest Frustration Is That They Don't

Know How To Resolve Their Personality Differences.

And Greatest Fear Is That Is What Will Break Them Up

Life Does Not Need To Be This Way! 

There really is Specific Information to Couple Dynamics and ALL Your Relationships!

Find the answers in this program!

Imagine if you could recapture the excitement, know your partner gets you at a deep level, supports you through your vulnerabilities and values and appreciates you for being you! 
YOU have the ability to create a more loving, conscious, connected relationship!


With the complete 9 Enneagram (any-a-gram) Personality Program, you will also gain insights into how to understand, interact with, and relate to all personality types whether a Resistant Spouse, Weird Dates, Dramatic Friends, Bossy Boss, Crazy Co-workers, parents, siblings, children or even an ex-partner.

Using this  world renowned and well respected system,  you can transform the dynamics of any two Enneagram (any-a-gram) personalities to be seen, heard, valued,  and transform ALL your relationships.

Discover the Secrets to How Each Personality Feels Heard, Valued and Appreciated

Get Loved & Appreciated Operators Manual



Take away the confusion and frustration! 



In this program you will be discovering IN DEPTH information about each of the 9 Personalities SO THAT you can relate, understand, and connect with them.

  • How to recognize each personalities' patterns and focus of attention

  • Learn the challenges with self and impact on others 

  • Communication and Speaking Styles, Body Language 

  • Career and Work Styles

  • Relationship Partner Style & Singles Style 

  • Path Of Development-Letting go and replacing old patterns that are sabotaging you

This is a FOUNDATIONAL course to understanding the 9 Enneagram Personalities

***You will receive detailed written profiles for all 9 types

Guaranteed to make your life so much easier!!!



There are still registrations even though we have had one session. You will receive the recording and you can join us for the last sessions. 


DATES: Tuesdays, November 27-Dec 11 Online Video Zoom Conferencing 

1-1.5 Hours each night:  6:00 PST / 7:00 MST / 8:00 EST


Week 1: Nov 27- Emotional Types: 2-Supporter, 3-Achiever, 4-Expresser

Week 2: Dec 4 Thinking Types: 5-Contemplator, 6-Questioner, 7-Optimister

Week 3: Dec 11 Instinctive Types: 8-Asserter, 9-Peace Seeker, 1-Perfecter

***All sessions will be recorded so can watch them anytime

***FYI if you have a business, this will be a write off for personal development and professional training


There is a really short turn around time so that we complete all of the 9 Personality information before the busy Xmas Season.

I am limiting the class size to a small group so that you can have access to me for your questions.

Start by Taking The FREE 9 Paragraph Quiz


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They Almost Broke Up Over Windshield Wiper Fluid
I had a couple come last week and they were tense and frustrated with each other. Myron had purchased a bottle of windshield wiper fluid and his girlfriend Jenny had come unglued...saying "I don't think I can do this relationship!!!"
She was upset because he already had three bottles at home. He couldn't understand why she was so twisted out of shape about something so inconsequential...to him. Logically for him he needed the fluid now before he got home and really it doesn't go bad. ​It made no sense!
What we are fighting about....is not what we are fighting about. There is usually an underlying ongoing issue of personality differences.
They took the Personality Quiz and we determined that she was a 5-Contemplator (more focused on logic) and he is a 2-Supporter (more focused on feelings). ​
The underlying issue was money spending. 5's have unconscious scarcity beliefs that there is never enough time, energy, or money. Myron has no fear of a lack of money and so is not thrifty which was so illogical to Jenny. That can cause a lot of friction.​
Jenny was so surprised at this trigger and confirmed that she had had no idea of the scarcity belief  that has been running her life. With awareness she can manage it, negotiate it, and change the patterns that have been limiting her in her life.


Many couples have money issues. One is always the spender and one the saver.  It is important to understand why that is a trigger in your relationships from your personality perspective. ​

They went from tense and eye rolling to laughing about the situation. After reading their profiles together and their personality couple dynamics, they were able to understand what's important and why to the other each other, the patterns that might sabotage them and how to negotiate their money issues.

Understanding your personalities makes ALL your relationships SO much easier!

This program is for Everybody!  

Couples, Singles, Divorced, Therapists, Coaches, Parents


Feel valued and respected in ALL Your Relationships 


Yes, I am ready  to invest in myself to become the Best Person I Can Be,
Create Loving, Conscious Relationships and make a massive difference in my life and ALL my relationships....partners, children, parents, bosses, co-workers, siblings, friends, ex-partners.
 3 Week "Get Loved Operators Manual" Personality Online Group Coaching Program               Value $497
#2 - 1 Hour Deep Dive, Personality & relationship assessment                                                           Value $250
#3 - 1 Hour Deep Dive For Your Partner , Personality & relationship assessment                           Value $250
#4 -  Complete Personality Profile x2, 30 pages each                                                                          Value $100
TOTAL                                                                                                                                                                        VALUE $1097
(If Single-#2 plus #4-1 Profile plus eBook What Singles Are Looking For)

Introductory Offer $97

*** GUARANTEE: If after the first session you feel this content isn't what you are

looking for, I will refund 100% of  your money.


Discover Your Relationship Style so you can

Be, Find, and Reconnect To Get Loved The Way You Need

 If you want your life to change....it's time to take action!
If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done, You Always Get What You’ve Always Gotten