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"As I was given the detailed description of my personality type, it was like reading my own Operator’s Manual. The descriptor words about how others saw me were surreal. How could it be so accurate?"

Taking the Enneagram Personality Test was an eye-opening, Aha!

 experience. I realized that we all live in the same world and yet in the same situation, can react to and see it very differently. I wasn’t aware of why I was a "Helper" or even that "helping" was my main motivation in life. It just seemed to be naturally what I did. So many things began to make sense. 


Upon taking the one hundred and forty-four question assessment, I was given the detailed description of my personality type. It was like reading my own Operator’s Manual. The descriptor words about how others saw me were surreal. How could it be so accurate? There were so many things that I hadn’t known about myself. - .why it’s so important for me to be liked, looking for approval, and people-pleasing.  Also that people valued my relationship skills.  


And as important, I could recognize other's personality type and it helped me to understand them.


Are you curious about which personality type you are? Guaranteed it will clearly give you insights into how you “do” life.


If you are a little apprehensive that it might identify what you don’t like about yourself, I understand! However it is good news! Why? Well you can’t change or improve anything that you aren’t aware of!


Your power actually comes from developing your challenges into strengths. My Enneagram and Relationship Consulting will show you how to do that. 


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