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Uncover secrets to other's personalities  
A One Day Program For EVERYONE to Help You:


Investment:   $59.   (plus gst)     

Date:  Saturday, February 27, 2015   

Time:  1:00-4:00

Location:  Calgary (Details upon registration)



Requirement: Take the Personality Quiz at bottom of the page and bring your results to the workshop. 


Are you confused, frustrated, and stuck in your relationships, personally or professionally? Tired of making the same mistakes?


There are solutions to make life easier and resolve relationship challenges.


  • Get Answers to personality conflicts

  • Figure Out what makes you and others tick

  • Feel a sense of control by handling situations well


Transform all your relationships through Personality Perception


This will be FUN and interactive workshop where you will experience all of the personality types.


Start by taking the Free Quiz

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What's Your Personality Relationship Style
                                          A FUN Evening Workshop to Help You Solve                                                          Relationship Mysteries through personality.
                                           Come and figure out which personality type you                                                  are, your partner, your family, co-workers, etc.

                                         Are you a 4-Dramatic who is emotional and                                                         sensitive, a 6-Skeptic who questions everything, a 1-                                         Perfectionist who is very structured, 2-Helper who                                              supports others.


Cost:   FREE if Pre-register-$15 At Door          

Next Session: Wednesday Jan 27 & Tuesday Feb 9 

Time: 7:00 - 8:30 pm.

Location:  4th St & 30 Ave (details upon registration)  


Make Sense Of All Your Relationships!





What a phenomenal experience learning about the 9 different personality types with Eileen! It gave me some amazing insight about myself, my family and my co-workers. Since learning about what "type" I am, I feel more confident being in my own skin. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to learn about Enneagrams and how this knowledge can positively affect my day to day interactions with those around me. – Christine Burwell


Thanks for giving us the fun session yesterday evening. I now can relate my behaviours with my personality better - Carrie Liu

Figure Out You...

Figure Out Your Relationships

       ...Figure Out Your LIFE, 

     Personally &  Professionally

Start with taking the 

Personality Quiz

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 15 Minute Personal Session with Eileen.

Get the Relationship Answers You Are Seeking!

More 2015 Events


  • Group Coaching Online and In-Person

  • Workshops for Singles and Couples

  • Guest Speaking at Various Events

  • Corporate Personality Workshops

Personality Loving Couples
SINGLES Find Your Personality Match? -Workshop

Investment:   $117 (plus gst)  Early Bird Nov 16  $79  Special Introd Pricing

Next Session: -TBA
Time:  9:30-4:30

Location:  Calgary, (more details upon registration)



You may think you know which personality is a good match for you. But is this the Personality that will make you the happiest in the long run?


Discover the 9 different personality types and partner patterns. Learn how to recognize if they are a compatible match for you


This is a FUN and interactive day where you will get great insights about yourself and others.


Requirement: Take the Personality Quiz and bring your results to the workshop. 



                       SHAPING YOUR OWN DESTINY

Your destiny is in your own hands. What choices are you making on your journey To Create The Love You Are Meant To Have.


A fun day workshop to learn about how these can shape your life:

beliefs, awareness, energy, power of your  thoughts, outcome, choices, creating happiness, and a visualization of your destiny path.  


Investment:   $119.   (plus gst)   Early Bird Mar 15 $89

Date:  Saturday, Mar 26 

Time:  10:00-4:30

Location:  Details upon registration


Next Date:  

A Couples Online Relationship Program to Help You:

Figure Out  what you need to fell loved, valued and appeciated


Date:  To Be Released early 2016



Relationships can be really confusing?  Why does it make sense to them and not to us...and how can we be in the same situation and yet see it really differently.


Whether you are single or in a relationship, learning the personalities "loving Languages" and partnership style will help you understand your own needs as well as fulfilling the needs of others and supporting them through their growth. Clearly communicating what it is that you need is empowering.


Singles understand your dating and relationship style and which personalities are most compatible with you. You may think you know the personality that you want...but will they make you the happiest?


This information can assist you with connecting in all your relationships with parents, siblings, children or even a co-worker, learning how they will feel loved and appreciated can resolve many difficult situations.  Healing relationships with a spouse, ex-partners, family or co-workers is critical to your well being.


This will be FUN and interactive workshop where you will experience all of the personality types: