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Founder of Life Equations Consulting Ltd., Eileen is committed to assisting people to create connected and loving relationships through the Relationship Online Program,  Get Loved The Way You Need, choosing your perfect mate through Singles Guide to Personality Matching, and how to understand and get along well with others.  She guarantees using this world renowned Enneagram Personality system will help you "Figure Out What Makes People Tick" to transform all your relationships.


Eileen Head is a Personality & Relationship Expert, International Bestselling Author of “Why Can’t I Figure Us Out?”, Coach, Speaker, and Workshop facilitator. Through her coaching and workshops, she supports people to "figure themselves out" and become their Best Self. Then she empowers them through powerful tools such as the Enneagram (any-a-gram) Personalities to find their Relationship Answers


Eileen offers workshops and coaches people personally and professionally to understand themselves better and to help others transform all their relationships.


Although based in Calgary, AB., Canada, Eileen is available for workshops and online to share her powerful message. Her Couples’ Relationship Personality Video Program “Get Loved The Way You Need” and her “Singles Personality Guide To Personality Matching” are great tools to find happiness. She is also available for keynote speaking and workshops internationally.


                              In her book Eileen shares how she found answers, after divorce, to a                                               dysfunctional thirty-five year marriage. Discovering The Enneagram

                            (any-a-gram) was the biggest Aha  moment of her life and all the pieces of the                               puzzle  came together for why they could not connect. Using this amazing                                   tool has assisted her to transition through divorce and create a life that is                                       fulfilling and  happy.


Eileen is passionate about assisting others to find their relationship answers through recognizing the behaviors and patterns of their personalities. You will discover your natural talents, gifts and value, how to get your fundamental personality needs met and your relationship loving style. This information is crucial to respond to your partner’s loving style and when dating to attract a mate who will make you the happiest. When you specifically know how you feel loved and appreciated...and what you need...you can then communicate it, and empower yourself to heal the past and find the path to your Purpose and Passion.

Enneagram Personalities Consultant qualified as an Enneagram Teacher through The Enneagram Worldwide Professionals

  • Relationship Anwers through Personality Coaching

  • International Best Selling Author, "Why Can't I Figure Us Out?"

  • Workshop Facilitator

  • Event Speaker

  • Career and Corporate Training

  • Hypnotherapist

A Passionate Transformationalist Of

People & Relationships