Do you believe relationships are mysterious and there

is no easy way to figure them out? There really is

through understanding personalities.



Are you struggling in your relationships personally or professionally? 


Are you having difficulty with an overbearing  Bossy Boss or Crazy Co-worker, a  family member or even an ex-partner?


Whatever challenges you are having right now. Here’s why. It might be Personality Differences  

Relationships are the foundation of our lives and are crucial to our well being, self-esteem, and self-worth. Whether in your personal life or at work relationships can be stressful. We are complex beings and are often left confused and frustrated even with those we love. Why is it that what they are doing makes sense to them and not to us...and vice versa?


Most often people are unaware how they are affecting others because their behaviors feel so natural to them.  And while attention to details or helping can be a good thing, using it in an unhealthy way may appear nitpicky or intrusive causing issues in relationships. 


Many believe "this is just who I am".  This is not who you are...but patterns you developed. 


Until you become aware of What you are doing...Why....and How to change it, you will stay stuck...and so do your relationships. Relationships are not all that mysterious. You just need to understand the 9 personality types and motivations for reacting the way they do.


Unlock the Keys of the 9 personalities of why they act and react the way they do.



This online training will help you:

  • Eliminate the Confusion and Solve Relationship Mysteries

  • Recognize the Identifiable & Predictable Behaviors of the 9 Personalities   

  • Handle Difficult People, Personally & Professionally  

  • Create harmonious and peaceful connections

  • Feel more Empowered to speak up, get your needs met, and resolve conflicts

  • Makes your life so much simpler and easier


Whether Single, Divorced, in a relationship or looking for answers in your career or families bring your relationship challenges for insights on how you can solve them.


Reduce Stress - Understand YOURSELF and learn how to deal with all the difficult people in your life!


Eileen Head Personality & Relationship Expert
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This program is for Everybody!  

Couples, Singles, Divorced, Therapists, Coaches, Parents, Bosses, Co-Workers

 Here is the comment  from a recent presentation that I did:  Ding, Ding, Ding. Many "A-HA" moments listening to your presentation. Looking forward to coaching with you soon and transforming my relationships. I can’t tell you how excited I am to learn more about the Enneagram and put it into practice. I’m ready to move from STRUGGLING to THRIVING in my relationships -Cindy


Another comments:  "My relationship has already shifted because I have a better persception of myself  and my partner."-Peter

After the 15 minute follow up session to the Quiz "I wish I had known this a few months back when my relationship broke up. This makes so much sense.  That is so me."-Karen

A Fascinating Journey of Discovery

With Personality  & Relationship Expert~ Eileen Head


A Life Changing Event  $97 + gst  

Participate from the comfort of your own home from anywhere in the world.


The training will be on Zoom (similar to Skype - no download needed). You will be given instructions on how to sign in.

3 Part Series Wednesday 7 pm MDT / 6 PST / 9 EST

Jan 17, Jan 24, Jan 31, 2018, appx 2 hrs per night

1. Program will be recorded  in case you miss some of them and there will be Q & A after each presentation.

2. I will be featuring three personalities per week and you will  also receive a workbook.

3.  Personality Quiz and In Depth Assessment is included so you can clarify your personality results.


Limited Spaces! We look forward to saving a space for YOU!

At Work How Do You Deal With...


 Bossy Bosses who are strong leaders but can be very intimidating

 Rigid Rule Keepers who are sticklers for details

 Cool Analyzers who are stuck in details and hard to talk to

 Emotional drama Kings or Queens 


Insights: When dealing with a Bossy Boss, speak up, be direct, remove

all emotion (they see emotions as weak and will respect you if your are more factual), show confidence. Knowing how to handle them more effectively you can transform situations. 


Figure out what makes YOU and OTHERS tick?


Learn solutions to reduce conflict and create harmony


In Your Personal Life....




         Attracted to the successful person who doesn't have time for you


          Online dating filled with phychos and flops


Insights: While dating your new partner pulled out all the the stops to impress you. After awhile they began to work a lot and you are feeling abandoned. If you talk to them you will find that they are redirecting their energies to their career to provide you with the benefits of success.  


Learn which personality is most compatible for you




Couples do you have a partner who is:


          Uncommunicative, silent and resistant


          Focused on their career and emotionally absent from the relationship


          Insecure always seeing the worst case scenario


Insights:  Partners become resistant when they fear speaking up will cause conflict. Ask them what's their opinion and give them time to make their point. Acknowledge them and praise them for a job well done. 


Learn why your partners do what they do



         Intrusive helper who is always giving advice


         Irresponsible enthusiast focusing on their fun


         Critical parent who finds fault with everything


Insights: Intrusive helpers have a need to be needed to feel needed in order to feel loved. Have a "heart to heart" appreciating all they have done for you. Share that you would like to do things your way. Ask them to help with something that is useful to you in a loving way. 


Learn why they do what they do





         Dramatic friend who is the eternal victim


         Only supports you when convenient for them 


Insights: Your dramatic  friend is caught in a pattern of attention seeking while not understanding their emotions drive others away. You will benefit them if you tell them you are available if they are not being dramatic.


Learn how to create more rewarding friendships 


During this informative,online training,you will experience all of the personality types and:


 Figure out how to understand, relate, and connect


  How to handle yourself more effectively and resolve stressful situations


  Recognize the identifiable & predictable patterns of the 9 Personalities


  How to make relationships work  


  Create compatibility, personally and professionally


  Learn how to create harmonious, peaceful and FUN connections


You may not like what other do, or how they do it but at least you will understand why they do it.  And you will be handle them with more confidence.