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What Makes Your Company Successful?


Business is all about interactions.


Customer Relationships (CRM)

Employee Engagement

Vendor Trust


These interactions deal with different personalities and behavior.



Get Insights



Cranky Customers

Bossy Bosses

Indecisive Suppliers





Solve Co-Worker Personality Conflicts


Spotlight Takers

Ridged Rule Keepers

Emotional Freight Trains



Do you have an employee who is diligent, focuses on details, is organized, has high integrity and works continually for improvement. 


Their attention is in perfecting and avoiding mistakes. creating  quality and being responsible. They have high standards of excellence and  expectations that everyone should adhere to the rules. 


While these are excellent traits to have can also make it difficult to get along with  other employees. Other personalities do their jobs with other focuses.


7-Optimisters focus on making work fun,  2-Supporters focus on relationships and being helpful, 3-Achievers focus on get the job done and being successful, etc. 

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There is an Operators Manual to different personalities.


When everyone has common knowledge of what each personality type contributes, their leadership and co-worker style, what is important to them, the value each person  brings, and how to effectively communicate with each other, you will build a culture where everyone is respected and feels worthwhile.


Learning The Enneagram (any-a-gram) personalities will assist with:        

  • Recognizing behavior patterns

  • Influencing different outcomes

  • Corporate Culture

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Change Management

  • Communication

  • Conflict Resolution


Customized Coaching & Workshops

  • One day Workshops - Identifying the 9 Personality Styles

  • Lunch and Learns (Quick overview)

  • Weekend team building and retreat. (In-depth about personalities and how to interact) 

"The Enneagram is the missing link of all other typing models.  It has clearly defined growth steps for long term personal development, strong self-esteem & improved relating skills."

Create response-ability  employees who are able to recognize behaviors and have the skills to resolve situations

effectively and quickly. 


Knowing your personality, you will lead, respond and work from your best self."

Personality Leadership

Corporate Culture Benefits:


-  Figure out  how to be a cohesive part of the team

-  Confidence in handling interactions effectively increases self-esteem

-  Happier, healthier employees = positive attitude and work environment

-  Fosters respect and appreciation for the diversity of each type  

-  Valued and appreciated employees will decrease in turnover

-  A culture with less stress will reduce absenteeism                  


Personal Professional Benefits:


-  Recognizing all types enables transparency, honesty & productive           behavior

-  Identifies what you are really good at & how you can improve

-  Actions to take to handle conflict without becoming reactive

-  Predictable reactions allows choice in response

-  More focus on issue and release of personalizing the conflict

-  Information known by all provides motivation to change 


Personal Benefits:


-  Personality model is beneficial to couples and in parenting

-  Improve relationships at home as well as professionally

-  Happier home life reduces stress and decreases illnesses

-  Develops each person into a more well rounded and happy individual

-  Raises self-esteem and sense of worth

"The obvious benefit for any business?

The Ennegram is a powerful tool that is simple to implement, and creates IMMEDIATE and LASTING CHANGE. 


All of which dramatically improves 

the bottom line."