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November 25, 2015

I went for lunch with my friend Jackie. Both of us are 2-Helper personalities so most of our conversation was about our relationships. We were catching up in each other’s lives and our


Our conversation was about our busy lives and how they can be so full. J...

October 23, 2015

Hello Eileen


I just completed an amazing telephone consult with Eileen and I am ecstatic to have learned my personality type. I performed the online questionnaire with no conclusive results so Eileen had me also do the paragraph questionnaire and I felt quite confident...

October 15, 2015


Are you or is your partner a Drama Queen/King showing emotions in the extreme or very quickly. O-M-G! This may appear as “wearing their heart on their sleeve”


It could be that they overreact to situations (not to them but in your perception). They may become emotional...

October 6, 2015


Has anyone ever become angry or annoyed when you are just wanting to help?


Or do you have a partner, family member or work associate who is overly helpful?


It might seem they are interfering, meddling, unaware of boundaries and overly responsible for everything?



October 5, 2015


Have you been called a Rule Keeper or Perfectionist?  Or do you have a partner, family member or work associate who is? Nothing seems to be good enough.


This may come across as being nit-picky.


In a partnership it could be that you never do the dishes p...

March 12, 2015


I meet so many middle aged women who are chronically unhappy? You sense a low energy of dissatisfaction from them Many have or had successful careers, raised there children, are married or are single. 


They have reached a point in their lives where they are asking the...

February 11, 2014

I love the intention of Valentine's Day. A day of appreciating that special someone in your life.... Unfortunately it can also be a day of expectations and pressure. If you're in a relationship, the pressure to plan the perfect night of romance is high.


I just googled...

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April 23, 2018

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