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Providing Insights  

Providing Insights About Yourself, Others, and You Relationships
With Online Relationship Programs, Workshops, and Enneagram Personlity Pattern Coaching

Discover Answers About Yourself, Others,

and ALL Your Relationships

With Online Relationship Programs, Workshops, & Enneagram Personality Pattern Coaching

Until you become aware of WHAT you are doing...,WHY....and HOW to change it, you will stay stuck...and so do your relationships.
Relationships are not all that mysterious. You just need to understand
                     the 9 personality types and motivations for reacting the way we do.                                        
Take an In Depth Personality Quiz and Assessment

When people first discover their Enneagram Personality type, they often are very excited. It is like all the pieces of the puzzle comes together identifying for them what their strengths, unique traits, and what other people value in them. 

It helps gives them a foundation for their self-worth, self-esteem and self confidence. and self worth.

It also identifies your personality pattern challenges and how you can transform to be your best self. 

This amazing system is an "Operator's Manual" to bringing insights and understanding on how to get along in all your relationships. 



Eileen is committed to assisting YOU with your Relationship Answers, personally and professionally. Discover your natural talents, what people value in you, choosing the mate that will make you the happiest, get loved the way you need, and how to get along well with others.

How To Deal With Others


                                We justify our reactions, use the same language, make the same excuses and mistakes over and over again.                                            We are stuck and confused as to why life is not turning out the way we had imagined it would.


                                  In your life do you have a Resistant Spouse, Weird Dates, Dramatic Friends, Bossy Boss, or Crazy Co-                                                          workers and you don’t know how to deal with them? 


                                Most often people are not even aware how they are affecting others because these behaviors feel so natural to them.                       And while attention to details or helping can be a good thing, using it in an unhealthy way often causes issues in relationships. When we know of no other way to be we believe "this is just who I am".  This is "not who you are"...but patterns you developed and patterns can be changed with awareness.

Personality conflicts can cause huge stress, disagreements, clashes and can separate families, cause divorces and contaminate corporate cultures. Understanding why we react and do what we do makes it easier for us to relate to and resolve personality issues for ourselves and with others.


Understanding your personality and the personalities that you are in relationship with gives you the ability to respond more effectively to others building your self-esteem and confidence.

How to deal with others, conflict, stress, couples, families
How to deal wit an aggressive bossy boss and crazy co-workers
Becoming Your Best Self & Transforming Your Relationships


Wouldn't you like to know a way to Become Your Best Self and how to relate to and connect with others? I can teach you your best traits, what others appreciate about you and the patterns to change to transform all your relationships


Recognizing the 9 personalities, their perceptions and patterns creates common ground to resolve conflicts and create collaboration. In personal relationships, it can heal issues and release trauma whether that is with a partner, ex-partner, child, parent, sibling, friend, boss or co-worker. 

Eileen guarantees using this world renowned personality system will help you Figure Out What Makes People Tick and Becoming your Best Self.


I will give you very specific information on how to Make Sense Of All Your Relationships and how to deal with all the challenging people in your life.  Customized Coaching

Eileen married at eighteen and after struggling for 35 years in an unhappy, disconnected marriage, she chose to divorce.  


Eileen found the answers to What happened, Why, and How it could have been different in the Enneagram (any-a-gram) Personalities. When she discovered very specific information to their couple dynamics, she became very passionate about sharing with others, so they don’t have to struggle like she did.


Eileen is an Personality & Relationship Expert, Personality Pattern Coach, and Speaker. She is a Bestselling Author of “Why Can’t I Figure Us Out?”.


Eileen has been called the “Relationship Whisperer” as she assists people to create connected and loving relationships. She assists women to gain clarity and make decisions “Should I Stay Or Should I Go.”


With the Get Loved Relationship Online Program you can discover your Relationship Style so you can Be, Find and Reconnect to get the love you desire.


She assists Singles to understand their value, what that they bring to relationships, and which partner will make them the happiest.

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