8 ~ Asserter 


Asserters believe they must be strong and powerful to assure protection in a tough world. Eights seek justice, are direct and action-oriented. They can also be overly assertive, excessive and dominating.


Think: Dr. Phil McGraw, Donald Trump, Barbara Walters, Kevin O'Leary, Whoopi Goldberg, Susan Sarandon, Simon Cowell

Eights take action to be maintain power and be in control. They require respect no matter what their actions and make no apologies for being direct and telling it like it is. Has big energy and makes a big impression. 


Energy: Strong energy, makes a presence, bold and authoritative, enormous will power.


Asserters are charismatic, confident and have a take-charge, no nonsense, can do attitude. They are fair-minded, protective and powerful. They love challenges and have the ability to face, endure and overcome adversity. Their large energetic presence and assertive stance can intimidate others. They believe that being true to themself means that they say what they mean and mean what they say. Asserters stand up for their beliefs and perceive backing down as a sign of weakness – even though at times doing so may be common sense and in their own best interest.

Socially Asserters have a lust for life and want to experience everything to the fullest. There is never ‘too much of a good thing.’ They are power houses and have a large appetite for life and all that it has to offer. 


Professionally they are great leaders moving the organization ahead by being decisive, empowering, competent to manage and take action. They make things happen, are confident, direct, highly strategic, overcomes obstacles, energetic, pushes project forward and supports other's success.   Great leaders, easily can make difficult decisions, likes action and results. They are independent, decisive and resourceful.


Healthy Asserters focuses on strength and being strong, takes matters into own hands to get things done, honest, high integrity, protector of the weak, people can count on them. Underneath their tough exterior is a gentle, playful, childlike innocence. Eights are very protective of their family and friends and will go without so that others have what they need.


Unhealthy Asserters use their energy for revenge and to seek justice. They protect their vulnerability with a suit of armor and being vulnerable feels wimpy, Their thinking is in black and white, them against us. pressures people to see how they will respond, tells it like it is without monitoring impact of directness, sometimes offends without meaning to, uses their will to accomplish. 

Most Important In Determining Type:

Driving Motivation: To maintain control in order not to be dominated and be the authority

Misidentifications-other personalities may identify with being assertive but generally it is situational. Asserters have no problem with challenging others and are comfortable with conflict. They always want to present a strong image and hide their vulnerabilities.  More than any other type needs to be in control of almost every situation.

There is more to the dynamics that make up your personality:  

·        Influence of the Wings 7-Optimister & 9-Peace Seeker (personalities on either              side of your home type)

·        Personality patterns when Stressed:  5-Contemplator

·        Path of Development patterns to develop to become Your Best Self 2-Supporter


Understanding all of these will give you a deep understanding of yourself...but most importantly how to grow and Get Loved The Way You Need


To learn all the pieces of the puzzle of your personality, you might want to learn about your wing personalities and the personality that is your path of development  

Not sure if you are a Asserter or another Personality Type?
Read the  Misidentifications Below 





Both have strong reactions, can react quickly with anger, and are concerned with rightness, justice, truth and fairness.  


Eights are very direct in telling it "like it is", feel anger is an honest emotion, and take action quickly. Ones often feel it is wrong or bad to express their anger openly. It shows up as irritability allowing resentment and righteousness to build until they feel justified in expressing their anger.  

TWO & EIGHT - Stress Path Of Development


Both have active energy, assertiveness, intrusiveness, generosity, protectiveness, and attraction to power. Twos when Stressed become more direct, forceful, expressing anger directly, and having determination that they know what is needed.


Twos actively move toward others while being sensitive to other's feelings, alter themselves to please while repressing their own needs. Eights have big forceful energy that often feels challenging  and intimidating to others, while asserting their own position, sense of justice, wants, and needs..



Both are determined, action and goal oriented, They can be assertive and take charge taking control of the situation to get what they want or their way.  (Threes to achieve the goal and be successful and Eights to take charge and be in control). Both have big personalities.


Threes are less confrontational and more willing to alter their image and presentation in order to get their goal accomplished whereas Eights can be very direct, comfortable with confrontation and expressing anger, stick to a position. Threes anger is when they are blocked by someone or something stopping them from getting to the goal. 




Both can be intense, have high energy, depth, directness of expression, are authentic in their expression, can be impulsive, reckless about consequences and challenge authority.


Fours tend to go internally to access their feelings which can keep them stuck and in inaction while Eights focus on strong action, moving forward, suppressing their emotions to get things done. 



Both value truth, respect, resist control, become possessive of space and resources and are curious. Both have very strong boundaries. Eights stressed retract to figure things out, more restrained and reflective before taking action again.


Fives are the most introverted,  retracted, contain their energy, reduce their needs and lifestyle to minimalistic and almost always think before acting. Eights are the most direct, unfiltered, excessive, expressive, expand their energy, directly express what they want or need, comfortable with anger and conflict, and often act before thinking. 




Counter phobic Sixes and Eights can be aggressive, challenging, and confrontational. Both can seem fearless, and both fight for causes. Both see the world as unfriendly and untrustworthy. 


Sixes have moments of fear or hesitation before taking action, can magnify and experience the hazards, and sometimes give way to pressure as doubts and questions arise. they seek certainty and security.  Eights react from instinct, take action without hesitation, minimize or deny dangers, Eights always feel certainty and may be wrong but never in doubt while Sixes are constantly in doubt. 


SEVEN & EIGHT-Wings of Each Other


Both are self-assertive, express their wants and desires, believe in their own power and ability, resist limits and controls, and are pleasure-oriented. Both have high energy and little inner restraining force.


Sevens avoid pain, explain away or rationalize difficulties, escape conflicts, and go into future planning. Eights accept pain, engage in difficulties, confront conflicts directly, and mostly live in the present. 


EIGHT & NINE-Wings of Each Other


Both enjoy earthy pleasures, trust their gut reactions, seek comfort, and are freindly and steadfast. Both can get diverted from essential priorities. 


 Eights welcome conflicts and even anger, focus on their own opinions, often expressing and defending their opinions as fact. They are very decisive. Nines avoid conflict and anger, are oriented toward the opinions and views of others and can lose their own position deferring to others. They are often indecisive and go along with others to get along. 

*Research reference to Dr David Daniels "The Essential Enneagram" and Enneagram Worldwide Professionals https://www.enneagramworldwide.com/