7 - Enthusiast Enneagram
7 ~  Optimister


Optimisters believe that they need to keep life upbeat and unrestricted to maintain happiness. Optimisters seek pleasure, possibilities, are optimistic, upbeat, and adventurous.  They also avoid pain, can be uncommitted, unreliable, and irresponsible if they become sidetracked with fun. 

Think: George Clooney, Goldie Hawn, Tom Hanks, Jay Leno, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Nicholson, Brad Pitt, Brittany Spears

Sevens strives to be unrestricted and keep options open for endless possibilities. Let the good time roll, life is an adventure, have a great imagination, rarely allow themselves to feel down. Very popular as something fun is always happening around them. 


Energy: High energy, animated, bright eyed, quick with responses, witty.

Optimisters are the eternal child with childlike exuberance, creativity and curiosity. Sevens seek to be stimulated, creative, positive and excited. They believe in living life to the fullest and making it as pleasurable as possible. They focus on being fascinating, fascinated, optimistic and enthusiastic - all the ingredients for happiness. They do not dwell on unhappy past experiences. Sevens continually create new experiences with people and travel. They see life as having unlimited possibilities. Are great multi-taskers juggling many things at the same time. Also known to have "monkey minds" jumping from one thing to another even in conversations.

Socially Optimisters are out going, spontaneous, and love anything that is new, novel or unusual. They are charming, fascinated by people, places and ideas. Their upbeat, positive and optimistic attitude cheers up and entertains others. Sevens are able to turn boredom and monotony of routine tasks into an adventure.  Their quick wit and ready smile diffuses conflict. 


Professionally they get people excited, creative and innovative to focus on the new and important opportunities. They are imaginative, engaging, upbeat, quick thinking, and multitasking. They lighten up the workplace with their stories of adventures and are usually the conveners of social gatherings. They turn work into fun.


Healthy Optimisters focuses on fun and adventure, natural storyteller, resilient, bounces back quickly, They are high energy, enthusiastic, humorous, upbeat and happy, optimistic believing everything will work out.  Sevens operates on the go, keeps very active, living life to the fullest, loves being creative, prefers to keep things fresh and new.


Unhealthy Optimisters  become childish instead of childlike. They have difficulty controlling their appetites and they 

are easily addicted to pleasures of all kinds: sugar, alcohol, sex, excitement, novelty and variety. Sevens don't stick to

anything very long and can become fickle in relationships. When trapped in a routine they end up with what they

hate most, boredom becoming addicted to excitement and variety.  Likes to keep ptions open to peossibilities and so may have difficulty keeping committments before growth.

Most Important In Determining Type:

Driving Motivation:  To avoid unhappiness in order to be happy at all times


Misidentifications-other personalities relate to being positive and upbeat. For Optimisters they avoid pain or making decisions that will take the fun away, and continually need new options and opportunities to keep upbeat to avoid boredom at all costs. They can sometimes be irresponsible and unreliable.  More than any other type life must be continually fun, positive, and optimistic.


There is more to the dynamics that make up your personality:  

·        Influence of the Wings 6-Questioner & 8-Asserter (personalities on either side of your          home type)

·        Personality patterns when Stressed:  1-Perfecter

·        Path of Development patterns to develop to become Your Best Self  5-Contemplator


Understanding all of these will give you a deep understanding of yourself...but most importantly how to grow and Get Loved The Way You Need


To learn all the pieces of the puzzle of your personality, you might want to learn about your wing personalities and the personality that is your path of development  

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ONE & SEVEN-Stress


Both work for a better world, can be intense,  helpful and value being self-reliant. Stress  Sevens when stressed have some of the patterns of the One being more critical, judgmental, exacting, and determined. 


Ones have difficulty seeking their own pleasure while Sevens feel no guilt in fulfilling their own pleasures. Ones are more serious, live within limits and boundaries while Sevens resist structure and boundaries creating their own rules about having fun. 



Both​ are positive, upbeat, energetic, charming, seductive, friendly, selective in relationships, and a need to be liked. 


Twos move to toward others, to be included, liked and appreciated and alter themselves to meet the emotional needs of others. Sevens maintain their independence, responding to their own desires, wants and needs in order to stay happy and have fun.



Both can be positive, over committed, active, assertive, bold, confident. Both avoid negative situations as for the Threes that takes them off the goal and for Sevens it takes them away from being happy and positive.


Threes self worth is based on succeeding and presenting a successful image in order to accomplish and receive recognition. Sevens focus on what is a fun and exciting experience and are comfortable pursuing their own desires. 




Both can be intense (Sevens with highs, Fours with lows). Both want adventures and experiences as well as highly stimulating. Both focus on their own wants, needs and how they think and feel. 


Fours experience their melancholy as sweet, embraces their pain and deep feelings which adds richness to life. Sevens stay upbeat and pleasure seeking,  avoiding pain and negative feelings. Fours feel inauthentic unless they experience the depths and highs while Sevens only want the highs. 


FIVE & SEVEN-Path Of Development

Both are inventive, analytical, knowledgeable,  inventive and loves data and ideas. Both avoid painful feelings (Fives because processing feelings can take energy and Sevens only want happy experiences. Sevens POD is to become more internalized, think before they act, become aware of consequences of impact on others, solitary.


Fives avoid fluctuating feelings, contain their desires and needs, simplify life, and protect their boundaries preserving their time, money, and resources.  Sevens throw caution to the wind, seek positive, express and react to their desires and needs, are highly energetic, overbooked, and spurn boundaries and limits. 

SIX & SEVEN - Are Wings of Each Other


Both are mentally quick, sharp witted, analytical, imaginative, and able to connect diverse ideas.    


Sixes are hyper vigilant watching for worst case scenarios and pitfalls, often spiraling downward in fear, worry, and anxiety. Sixes feel safer within boundaries and restrictions. Security is primary over pleasure and personal wants.  Sevens put a positive spin on everything, plans for multiple positive possibilities. They abhor limits and seek to expand their options and responding to their desires is primary. 



Both are self-assertive, express their wants and desires, believe in their own power and ability, resist limits and controls, and are pleasure-oriented. Both have high energy and little inner restraining force.


Sevens avoid pain, explain away or rationalize difficulties, escape conflicts, and go into future planning. Eights accept pain, engage in difficulties, confront conflicts directly, and mostly live in the present. 



Both wants life to positive,  pleasant, and upbeat. They are adaptable and want to be liked and to get along with others. They both avoid conflict. 


Sevens are more frenetic and fast paced, oriented toward themselves, knowing and expressing their wants, agendas, and opinions. Nines are more even-tempered and slower paced. They are oriented towards others, forgetting or deferring their own wants, agendas, and opinions. 

*Research reference to Dr David Daniels "The Essential Enneagram" and Enneagram Worldwide Professionals https://www.enneagramworldwide.com/