6 ~ Questioner 


Questioners  believe they must gain certainty and security in a hazardous world which they can't trust.  Consequently, Questioners are trustworthy, inquisitive, a loyal friend and questioning.  They can also be overly doubtful, accusatory and fearful. 

Think: Anderson Cooper, David Letterman, Ellen DeGeneres, Kelly Ripa, Hugh Jackman, Diane Keaton, Charlie Sheen, Julia Rogers, Ben Affleck

Sixes assesses every situation for Safety and Security. Loyalty and trust are foundational to them so they might appear doubting or skeptical. Very loyal unless trust is broken then you will have to prove you are trustworthy or the relationship may never renew.


Energy can be nervous, fidgety, anxious, intense, can be funny


Questioners are hypervigilant scanning the horizon for what might happen, being over prepared in order to act quickly and reduce anxiety. They rely on their mind which is often reeling with “what if” possibilities of negative, fearful possibilities. There are two kinds of Questioners: Phobic and Counter Phobic bouncing from one to the other. Sixes are filled with paradoxes of being equally weak and strong, shy and outgoing, challenging authority or surrendering to it.


Sixes find it hard to trust in people and situations and trust needs to be earned. Once they do, they will devote themselves to others or a philosophy, cause, government, or community. They are their own worst enemy, skeptical of authority, difficulty reaching decisions, worries a lot, worst case scenarios.

Socially Questioners want to be safe and secure, to fit in and belong.  Once the trust is built and they have certainty of security, they are faithful, friendly, loyal, dedicated and reliable.  Sixes can be endearing and childlike one minute and a devil’s advocate the next questioning everything.  They are slow to trust new acquaintances and question motives and agendas. Once others have proven that they are trustworthy, they are allowed in Sixes trusted circle and will be devoted to them. Very witty and sharp sense of humor.


Professionally Questioners focuses on solving organizational problems by developing a creative problem-solving environment collaborating with others so they feel that they are part of the solution. They are very loyal to the company and their co-workers, responsible, practical, strategist, sharp intellect, anticipates problems.


Healthy Questioners focuses on being prepared, loyal to family and traditions, a few very trusted friends important to them, likes clearly defined tasks and does them well, able to act quickly, challenges own worries by doing courageous things, reliable, very likable. Once in a trusted and committed relationship can be a very loyal and caring partner.

Unhealthy Questioners become excessively devoted to a tradition or community (church, party, company) and can become blind followers.  They give away their power to the authorities while at the same time not trusting the authorities.  As

distrust escalates, Sixes become suspicious and begin to worry a lot.  Fear can immobilize them from taking appropriate

action in their life. Those in relationships them  may feel controlled by the Sixes doubts and second-guessing each


Most Important In Determining Type:

Driving Motivation: Questioning and over prepared to gain assurance

Misidentifications- others can identify with questioning, being trustworthy and able to analyze. Questioners do it a survival technique and continually looking for what might go wrong so they can be prepared. This can give them a more pessimistic outlook which they say is more realistic. Can also appear helpful which is to gain assurance. More than other types hyper vigilant for what can go wrong.

There is more to the dynamics that make up your personality:  

·        Influence of the Wings 5-Contemplator & 7-Optimister (personalities on either side            of your home type)

·        Personality patterns when Stressed:  3-Achiever

·        Path of Development patterns to develop to become Your Best Self 9-Peace Seeker


Understanding all of these will give you a deep understanding of yourself...but most importantly how to grow and Get Loved The Way You Need


To learn all the pieces of the puzzle of your personality, you might want to learn about your wing personalities and the personality that is your path of development

Not sure if you are a Questioner or another Personality Type?  Read the  Misidentifications Below 





Both can be very intense, anxious, watchful  focusing on figuring things out. 


Sixes are doubters and worriers focusing on what might go wrong and worst case scenarios in order to be prepared to secure  them safety and security. Ones focus on preventing mistakes, correct what is wrong to avoid judgment and criticism. 



Both can be responsive to the needs of others,  warm and friendly, helpful, and sensitive to others.


Twos automatically move to engage and respond to others, self identity is in giving, creating a need to be needed, being helpful in order to gain connection. Sixes doubt themselves, others, hold back, and create many options to be prepared. They will please others to gain the certainty and security rather to gain love and connection (Two).



Both are intense, personable, focused, practical and hardworking. (Threes to accomplish and succeed, Sixes are hyper vigilant for what can go wrong so they can be prepared creating safety and security. Threes when stressed move into action quicker, become more goal oriented and conscious of what image they are presenting.


Threes are comfortable being in the limelight and thrive on attention, sharing their successes and accolades whereas Sixes freak out with attention being put on them. More attention might mean something could happen to them. Threes have intense action energy whereas Sixes need to overcome their doubts, fears, and prepared for what might happen.




Both can be contrary, challenge authority, become questioning, get reckless, break rules, magnify situations, and defy dangers (Fours with emotions and Sixes with doubts and fears)



Fours can retract and  spiral to the depth of their emotions and feelings. There is a richness of experiencing life emotionally and look for what is missing to make life fulfilling. Sixes can become very reactionary,  look for what might happen in order to be prepared to act quickly and keeps their emotions under control so they can stay analytical and think on their feet. 


FIVE & SIX - Are Wings of Each Other


Both are analytical, puts lot of attention on thinking and figuring out before taking action, can retract. Over thinking can cause inaction and distrust of others.


Fives detach from their feelings and others, delay their responses, look for more data to process and want less pressure and time alone. Sixes either get stuck in thinking to be prepared or become intensely reactionary while spiraling in fear and magnifying any possibility of danger. Fives can detach while Sixes need to come back into safety for security.


SIX & SEVEN - Are Wings of Each Other


Both are mentally quick, sharp witted, analytical, imaginative, and able to connect diverse ideas.    


Sixes are hyper vigilant watching for worst case scenarios and pitfalls, often spiraling downward in fear, worry, and anxiety. Sixes feel safer within boundaries and restrictions. Security is primary over pleasure and personal wants.  Sevens put a positive spin on everything, plans for multiple positive possibilities. They abhor limits and seek to expand their options and responding to their desires is primary. 



Counter phobic Sixes and Eights can be aggressive, challenging, and confrontational. Both can seem fearless, and both fight for causes. Both see the world as unfriendly and untrustworthy. 


Sixes have moments of fear or hesitation before taking action, can magnify and experience the hazards, and sometimes give way to pressure as doubts and questions arise. they seek certainty and security.  Eights react from instinct, take action without hesitation, minimize or deny dangers, Eights always feel certainty and may be wrong but never in doubt while Sixes are constantly in doubt. 

SIX & NINE - Path Of Development


Are agreeable, accommodating, friendly, anxious to please, self-effacing, sensitive, and eager to avoid conflict. POD for Sixes is to  become more at ease, relaxed, and accepting of life as it is. 


Sixes keep more personal distance, staying focusing on potential hazards and what could go wrong. Nines, the most other-oriented type, lose themselves in the requests and claims others make on them and their own needs. 

*Research reference to Dr David Daniels "The Essential Enneagram" and Enneagram Worldwide Professionals https://www.enneagramworldwide.com/