5 ~ Contemplator


Contemplators came to believe they must protect themselves from the world which demands too much and gives too little to assure life. They seek self-sufficiency, are non-demanding, analytic, thoughtful and unobtrusive.  They can also be withholding, detached and overly private.


Think: Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Mark Zukerberg, Stephen King, Clint Eastwood, Eckhart Tolle, Agatha Christie, Jane Goodall

An Observer of life To Figure Out. They enjoy intellectual conversations, research, facts and knowledge. They can appear detached and aloof. More solution based and prefers a simplistic life. Other people can drain their energy. More than other types need more space, privacy, time to themselves and have strong boundaries around that.


Energy comes from their head, intellectuals, introverts, logical.


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Most Important In Determining Type:

Driving Motivation: Space to gather knowledge and facts to figure things out

Misidentifications - other types identify with being  logical and a thinker and but for the Contemplator it is was makes them introverts and can hold them back from participating more fully in life. They are very smart and use a lot of brain power. More challenged with emotional situations. They are the personality most reacting from their head and thoughts.

Contemplators are calm, cool, and collected. Their personality style focuses on analyzing, mulling over, and thinking it through. They need their privacy and space to withdraw to figure things out.   Their thoughts are important to them, can get by with less than most people, are logical and emotionless when making judgments and decisions. An observer of life, sometimes feels invisible, shares information, likes to plan things before they happen, replays events in their minds and then attaches feelings, needs lots of information before acting. Fives prefer a simplistic and minimalistic lifestyle and often are environmentally conscious.  


Socially Contemplators generally are quiet, self-contained and can feel unapproachable. In social situations they will find themselves on the outside of groups observing and gathering information to process later about people and situations and to form opinions. Fives let others approach them rather than initiating introductions and conversations. They are introverts who often feel drained in social situations and may need to leave to recharge their batteries.


Professionally they are analytical, insightful, objective, systematic and planners. They are calm in a crisis, persistent and because they love knowledge and facts are experts in their fields. They focus on developing their organization through factual research and making all systems work well together. 


Healthy Contemplators focus on knowledge and wisdom. They are open-minded looking at the facts and in their true context. With their analytical mind can conceptualize and find entirely new ways of doing and perceiving things. They are the

most mentally alert, noticing everything, curious, stimulated by intellectual conversations. Becomes very engrossed when engaged in researching the facts and data of something they are interestested in. They can experience a very rich inner life of thoughts and memories.

When Contemplators are less healthy they tend to retreat into their minds and withdraw from personal interactions and social

situations. Independence and attachment to thoughts can turn into arrogance and eccentricity living from the current facts and data..

There is more to the dynamics that make up your personality:  

·        Influence of the Wings 4-Expresser & 6-Questioner (personalities on                    either side of your home type)

·        Personality patterns when Stressed:  7-Optimister

·        Path of Development patterns to develop to become Your Best Self                      8-Asserter


Understanding all of these will give you a deep understanding of yourself...but most importantly how to grow and Get Loved The Way You Need


To learn all the pieces of the puzzle of your personality, you might want to learn about your wing personalities and the personality that is your path of development

Not sure if you are a Contemplator or another Personality Type? Read the  Misidentifications Below 




Similarities: Both can retract to figure  things out, and are efficiency oriented;  can have and maintain strong boundaries. Both can judge-Ones based on their own standards of right and wrong; Fives judgment is about intellectual matters of knowledge and competency. 


Differences: Ones energy is very structured and intense, seek to improve themselves and others (Ones with their rules and Fives intellectually protecting themselves from intrusion of their time, energy and space) Fives detach from their feelings and emotions in order to stay logical. Fives can let things go much easier; Ones hold onto energy when rules are broken. 




Both are aware of and are sensitive to the needs of important others, are quite giving, and do not respond to their own feelings.  


Twos have few boundaries,  are eternal givers, moving toward others to meet their needs, maintain connections. Fives have strong boundaries and respond situationally coming forward to engage, and alternately detaching and disconnecting in order to protect their time, energy, and resources which they feel there is never enough of. 



Both can suspend their feelings to get things done; Threes to do whatever it takes to stay focused on the job, Fives to maintain logical thinking to figure things out. Both like accomplishing and completing tasks, being competent and maintaining objectivity.


Threes stay focused and on track with the right successful image, goal setting, and long hours. Fives are the most intellectual with periods of retraction spending time to figure out before acting with research and data so to save their f time, energy, and resources which they feel they never have enough of. 

FOUR & FIVE - Are Wings of Each Other


Both can be introverted, introspective, sensitive, sometimes withdrawn and can also appear to be superior. Wings are very influential to the Four as they can appear more in touch with their feelings or more detached and intellectual. 


Fours are very sensitive, emotional and expressive of their feelings. Boundaries can be pushed or broken with drama or high emotions. Fours yearn a for deep and emotionally expressive relationship whereas Fives have strong boundaries, need more space and time alone, detach and are more stingy with time, money, and resources. 

FIVE & SIX - Are Wings of Each Other


Both are analytical, puts lot of attention on thinking and figuring out before taking action, can retract. Over thinking can cause inaction and distrust of others.


Fives detach from their feelings and others, delay their responses, look for more data to process and want less pressure and time alone. Sixes either get stuck in thinking to be prepared or become intensely reactionary while spiraling in fear and magnifying any possibility of danger. Fives can detach while Sixes need to come back into safety for security.



Both are inventive, analytical, knowledgeable,  inventive and loves data and ideas. Both avoid painful feelings (Fives because processing feelings can take energy and Sevens only want happy experiences. In Stress Fives get tired of over thinking and become more social, active, and open to reacting faster on possibilities. 


Fives avoid fluctuating feelings, contain their desires and needs, simplify life, and protect their boundaries preserving their time, money, and resources.  Sevens throw caution to the wind, seek positive, express and react to their desires and needs, are highly energetic, overbooked, and spurn boundaries and limits. 

FIVE & EIGHT-Path Of Development


Both value truth, respect, resist control, become possessive of space and resources and are curious. Both have very strong boundaries. Fives POD create more active energy in their bodies, become more engaged and outgoing, expressing their desires and feelings as well as anger and position.


Fives are the most introverted,  retracted, contain their energy, reduce their needs and lifestyle to minimalistic and almost always think before acting. Eights are the most direct, unfiltered, excessive, expressive, expand their energy, directly express what they want or need, comfortable with anger and conflict, and often act before thinking. 



Both can be retracted, introverted, thoughtful, detach, withdraw and feel invisible. Both resist being influenced by circumstances and people. 


Fives detach from others, assert their strong boundaries to protect their time and energy. Nines are the least able to detach from others, habitually blend with others and go along with others to keep things harmonious and comfortable. 

*Research reference to Dr David Daniels "The Essential Enneagram" and Enneagram Worldwide Professionals https://www.enneagramworldwide.com/