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4 ~ Expresser  


Expressers believe they must obtain the ideal relationship or situation to be loved. They are idealistic, deeply feeling, empathetic and authentic. They can also be dramatic, moody and sometimes self-absorbed. Shares melancholy and talks about feelings, has deep intense emotions,


Think:  Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Michael Jackson, Prince, Lady Gaga, Kate Winslet, Nicholas Cage

Dramatic in order to be Expressive and Expressive to be Understood. They are very individualistic in their speech and how they present themselves. Often feel very different from others even their family of origin. More outwardly emotionally expressive than other types.


Energy is heart centered, emotional, and sensitive, shares personal stories, connects very easily emotionally. 

Expressers are introspective, intuitive, sensitive, compassionate, artistic, self-motivated, ambitious, true to self, and emotionally vulnerable. Beautiful surroundings are important. Fours feel their feelings intensely, use their vivid imagination to create romantic fantasies, stir passions, or simply amplify emotions.They yearn for what is missing. They are artistically creative as well as in their ability to think symbolically. Their emotional richness helps us to really experience life.


Socially Expressers are about authenticity. As individualists they have a unique presentation from the way they dress to how they decorate their house and art. Fours prefer not being part of the crowd and believe they are unique and special.


Professional Expressers lead through values-based vision, creativity, inspiration, compassion, and interpersonal connectedness. They make good therapists as they can handle other's pain or might be in the creative fields.


Healthy Expressers focuses on being authentic, high value in art, music, clothes, good manners, unique sense of presentation, original and creative, sees beauty where others might not, refined tastes. Is sensitive, kind, and deeply caring. Opens up to you easily and can empathize with your pain.  


Unhealthy Expressers are often called overly sensitive or dramatic and can be temperamental. They can harbor deeply felt emotions, referring to depression as sweet melancholy. Fours can be self-conscious and overly focused on how different they are from others.  When unhappy they lament their uniqueness because of the suffering they feel. They sometimes have an attitude of entitlement to compensate for a feeling that somehow they are defective.  


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Most Important In Determining Type:

Driving Motivation: Expressive to be understood about their intense feelings

Misidentifications-other personalities may identify with being romantic, sensitive or emotional at times but that is generally situational. With Expressers it tends to more the norm. Their feelings are more intense, deep and have more mood swings than any other personality.  More than other personalities they feel different, unique and special.

There is more to the dynamics that make up your personality:  

  • Influence of the Wings 3-Achiever & 5-Contemplator (personalities on either side of your home type)

  • Personality patterns when Stressed:  2-Supportter 

  • Path of Development patterns to develop to become Your Best Self  1-Perfecter


Understanding all of these will give you a deep understanding of yourself...but most importantly how to grow and Get Loved The Way You Need


To learn all the pieces of the puzzle of your personality, you might want to learn about your wing personalities and the personality that is your path of development

Not sure if you are a Expresser or another Personality Type?
Read the  Misidentifications Below 



ONE & FOUR - Path of Development


Both express themselves authentically and intensely - Ones sometimes with irritability or anger, Fours with emotion and sometimes drama. Both have high integrity, are sensitive and can be very hard on themselves.  Ones in their Path Of Development become more able to express their need for rules, standards and what they need and sometimes dramatically. 


Ones focus on being right, getting it right, correct behavior, standards and rules. Ones repress their desires until they feel it is right or they have been good enough to reward themselves which is difficult for them to do. Fours are more focused on responding to their own needs to attain self-fulfillment and experiencing the depth of their feelings, longings, and desires. Fours easily are expressive while Ones find it more difficult to be expressive.

TWO & FOUR-Stress


Both are sensitive, intuitive of others feelings, helpful, and emotionally intense. Both focus on romantic feelings and image (Twos adjusting image to connect and Fours feeling very different from others. Fours in Stress attempt to connect with others by become more pleasings, focused on others, and more gving. 


Two respond outwardly to others wants and needs often making themselves indispensable to others. Fours are more internalized focusing on the depth of their feelings, yearning for the ideal romantic relationship and yearning for what is missing. They often feel special, unique and very different from others. 

THREE & FOUR - Are Wings of Each Other


 Image is important to both of them (Fours about being unique and Threes about looking successful). Both are inventive and want recognition, approval, can be intense-Fours emotionally and Threes focused to succeed. 


Threes feel their emotions can side track them and so put them aside, altering their image and intensely focusing on people and the job. They have tremendous drive and feel failure is not an option.  Fours can be ruled by their shifting emotions turning their attention inwardly to process while yearning for a deep relationship. 


FOUR & FIVE - Are Wings of Each Other


Both can be introverted, introspective, sensitive, sometimes withdrawn and can also appear to be superior. Wings are very influential to the Four as they can appear more in touch with their feelings or more detached and intellectual. 


Fours are very sensitive, emotional and expressive of their feelings. Boundaries can be pushed or broken with drama or high emotions. Fours yearn a for deep and emotionally expressive relationship whereas Fives have strong boundaries, need more space and time alone, detach and are more stingy with time, money, and resources. 



Both can be contrary, challenge authority, become questioning, get reckless, break rules, magnify situations, and defy dangers (Fours with emotions and Sixes with doubts and fears)



Fours can retract and  spiral to the depth of their emotions and feelings. There is a richness of experiencing life emotionally and look for what is missing to make life fulfilling. Sixes can become very reactionary,  look for what might happen in order to be prepared to act quickly and keeps their emotions under control so they can stay analytical and think on their feet. 




Both can be intense (Sevens with highs, Fours with lows). Both want adventures and experiences as well as highly stimulating. Both focus on their own wants, needs and how they think and feel. 


Fours experience their melancholy as sweet, embraces their pain and deep feelings which adds richness to life. Sevens stay upbeat and pleasure seeking,  avoiding pain and negative feelings. Fours feel inauthentic unless they experience the depths and highs while Sevens only want the highs. 



Both can be intense, have high energy, depth, directness of expression, are authentic in their expression, can be impulsive, reckless about consequences and challenge authority.


Fours tend to go internally to access their feelings which can keep them stuck and in inaction while Eights focus on strong action, moving forward, suppressing their emotions to get things done. 



Both seek approval from their relationships, are caring, empathetic. Both can get absorbed in their circumstances (Nine) or feelings (Four), feel deficient, become self-deprecating, and lose their drive for action. 


Fours focus on themselves, feel special or unique and use the intensity of emotion in order to feel vital and alive. Nines orient towards others, resists change, engages by going along to get along, likes things to stay comfortable while avoiding conflict. 


*Research reference to Dr David Daniels "The Essential Enneagram" and Enneagram Worldwide Professionals