3 ~ Achiever 


Achievers believe that they must accomplish and succeed in order to be loved. They are industrious, fast-paced, focused on goals and efficiency.  They can also be inattentive to feelings, image-driven, and workaholics. 

Think: Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Taylor Swift, Tony Robbins, Will Smith, Bill Clinton, Jack Canfield, Madonna, Bethany Frankel

Threes have The Need to Succeed in order to achieve acknowledgement. Their main focus is to continually achieve and be the best. Failure is not an option to them and competition is what drives them. They are ambitious and motivated. More than any other type image is important to them.


Energy is focused, appears confident and well put together, easily talks about their accomplishments.


Achievers are competent, productive, accomplished and dynamic. Image is important as well as being seen as a winner, ambitious, and successful. Incredibly focused and goal oriented, Threes are motivated, self-confident and on their way to the top.


Concerned about prestige and status they adjust their image and presentation to whatever situation or role that is expected. They often suppress their emotions in order to reach their objective.


Socially Achievers received attention for performing and are now comfortable with being the center of attention. Threes have well honed skills of manners, charm and polish exuding self-confidence and enthusiasm. Their positive attitude and high energy motivates those around them.


Professionally Achievers focus on goals, achievements and results. They organize their life to achieve specific goals, appear successful in order to gain respect and the admiration of others. Threes are results oriented, self motivating, confident and entrepreneurial. They are challenged with being overly focused, competitive, impatient and image conscious. Achievers make really great sales people and CEO’s or team leaders who motivate to reach targets and goals.


Healthy Achievers work is main focus, achieving and succeeding, does not see fairlure as an option, image conscious, very efficient, works hard to achieve goals, difficult for others to keep up with, wants recognition for succeeding, likes material things, sets emotions aside to get job done, loves competition and being number one, positive, upbeat, lots of energy. They are also very in tune with those they love and have amazing social graces. They can charm the pants off you and everyone else.


Unhealthy Achievers slip from being a success to appearing to be successful. They may cut corners, inflate achievements

or tell stories about successes that haven’t happened. It is critical for them to maintain their image. At this level they

become less of a team player, taking credit for others’ work and hogging the spotlight.

Most Important In Determining Type:

Driving Motivation:To achieve success in order to impress and gain admiration

Misidentifications - other personalities like to achieve as well but it is the need for the acknowledgement of their achievements and self promotion that sets them apart. They are the most self promoting of all types sharing their accomplishments, and accumulating the most expensive they can afford:  clothes, cars, housese, etc. The need for admirationation creates  drives them to succeed and workaholism. 

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There is more to the dynamics that make up your personality:  

·        Influence of the Wings 2-Supporter & 4-Expresser (personalities on either side

         of your home type)

·        Personality patterns when Stressed:  8-6-Questioner

·        Path of Development patterns to develop to become Your Best Self  

         9-Peace Seeker


Understanding all of these will give you a deep understanding of yourself...but most importantly how to grow and Get Loved The Way You Need


To learn all the pieces of the puzzle of your personality, you might want to learn about your wing personalities and the personality that is your path of development

Not sure if you are a Achiever or another Personality Type?
Read the  Misidentifications Below 





Both like to achieve and can workaholic tenancies. (Ones because of always self-improving, Threes to be successful) Both are focused, goal/competency/success oriented


Both are very driven - Ones maintain standards, adhere to the rules and have an inner critic that monitors everything they do. Rules are created by the inner critic of which they judge is right and good.  Threes will bend the rules in order to succeed in order to gain admiration and recognition for their accomplishments, accolades, be number one. Threes will ship shape, adjust their image and presentation and do whatever it takes to succeed. 

TWO & THREE - Are Wings of Each Other


Both are doers, oriented toward accomplishment and helping. Both are people pleasers, upbeat, practical, and adjust themselves and their image for whatever they need to connect (Two) and succeed (Three)


Twos life is all about relationships and the focus is on responding to others feelings and needs while Threes focus on suppressing their feelings and emotions so they can put all their energy into tasks, goals, and gaining recognition for accomplishments and achievements. 

THREE & FOUR - Are Wings of Each Other


 Image is important to both of them (Fours about being unique and Threes about looking successful). Both are inventive and want recognition, approval, can be intense-Fours emotionally and Threes focused to succeed. 


Threes feel their emotions can side track them and so put them aside, altering their image and intensely focusing on people and the job. They have tremendous drive and feel failure is not an option.  Fours can be ruled by their shifting emotions turning their attention inwardly to process while yearning for a deep relationship. 



Both can suspend their feelings to get things done; Threes to do whatever it takes to stay focused on the job, Fives to maintain logical thinking to figure things out. Both like accomplishing and completing tasks, being competent and maintaining objectivity.


Threes stay focused and on track with the right successful image, goal setting, and long hours. Fives are the most intellectual with periods of retraction spending time to figure out before acting with research and data so to save their f time, energy, and resources which they feel they never have enough of. 

THREE & SIX -Path Of Development


Both are intense, personable, focused, practical and hardworking. (Threes to accomplish and succeed, Sixes are hyper vigilant for what can go wrong so they can be prepared creating safety and security. Threes POD is to become more trusting, responsible, and loyal to others 


Threes are comfortable being in the limelight and thrive on attention, sharing their successes and accolades whereas Sixes freak out with attention being put on them. More attention might mean something could happen to them. Threes have intense action energy whereas Sixes need to overcome their doubts, fears, and prepared for what might happen.



Both can be positive, over committed, active, assertive, bold, confident. Both avoid negative situations as for the Threes that takes them off the goal and for Sevens it takes them away from being happy and positive.


Threes self worth is based on succeeding and presenting a successful image in order to accomplish and receive recognition. Sevens focus on what is a fun and exciting experience and are comfortable pursuing their own desires. 



Both are determined, action and goal oriented, They can be assertive and take charge taking control of the situation to get what they want or their way.  (Threes to achieve the goal and be successful and Eights to take charge and be in control). Both have big personalities.


Threes are less confrontational and more willing to alter their image and presentation in order to get their goal accomplished whereas Eights can be very direct, comfortable with confrontation and expressing anger, stick to a position. Threes anger is when they are blocked by someone or something stopping them from getting to the goal. 

THREE & NINES-Stress  


Both want to be liked, seek approval, are personable, practical, and competent. Stressed Threes become overwhelmed or burned out can just want to zone out and go off focus diverting to other non essential activities.  


Threes are very focused, goal oriented, high energy, fast-paced, efficient, and impatient to achieve their goals. Nines are much slower paced, go along to get along, will put their own goals aside, other's goals can become their goals and get side tracked from what they want to accomplish. 

*Research reference to Dr David Daniels "The Essential Enneagram" and Enneagram Worldwide Professionals https://www.enneagramworldwide.com/